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Going to Birmingham for additional education? Great! Aston University, University of Birmingham, Birmingham City University, University College Birmingham, and Newman University are just a few of the outstanding universities in Birmingham. This city’s appeal to students is due to a number of other factors as well. The city, which is the second-largest in the UK, is regarded as the political, economic, social, and commercial hub of the East and West Midlands. You must be thrilled about the possibility of relocating to Birmingham at this point. But how much does it cost to live in Birmingham as a student?

The overall cost of living in Birmingham is influenced by a number of variables, most of which are influenced by your spending habits and financial situation. To live comfortably in Birmingham, it is recommended to have a monthly budget of between GBP 1,341 (INR 1.2 Lakh)and GBP 1,389 (INR 1.2 Lakh)(excluding tuition). Continue reading for a detailed explanation of the various expenses that students face and the elements that affect their overall living expenses.

Student Cost Of Living In Birmingham

Birmingham has overcome its reputation as a decrepit industrial city to rank among the UK’s top hubs for trade, commerce, and business. Birmingham encourages trade from the UK and other countries. As a result of individuals travelling here in pursuit of opportunity, there has been a rich blending of cultures and traditions.

Do you want to know how much it costs for international students to live in Birmingham? In Birmingham, the cost of living varies depending on where you choose to reside in addition to a number of other considerations. Here is a quick overview of Birmingham’s cost of living by month:

Item Cost (Per Month) (INR)
Off-Campus Accommodation 42k
On-Campus Accommodation 38k
Groceries 7.5k
Food  59k
Utility 6k
Clothes 5.5k
Entertainment 2k
Transportation 4k
Total Cost of Living with On-Campus Accommodation (Per Month) 1.2 lakh
Total Cost of Living with Off-Campus Accommodation (Per Month) 1.2 lakh

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What Is Birmingham’s Median Rent?

Your rent has an impact on Birmingham’s cost of living. As you get farther from Birmingham’s city core, the average rent drops. Be prepared to pay GBP476 (INR 42,738.43) a month for a one-bedroom apartment (flat) if you want to live close to the city centre, which is close to prominent restaurants, pubs, supermarkets, and universities. The average monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment will be higher, nevertheless, if this is excessive for you and you don’t mind living a little beyond the city core.

You must conduct a thorough investigation of the area you desire to call home. Even though rent in the city centre is expensive, you can save money by not having to go far for anything. Living outside of the city centre allows you to benefit from (relatively) cheaper rent, but you might have to spend more on travel.

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How Much Does College Cost in Birmingham?

The price of tuition comes next in Birmingham, behind the cost of living. The cost of tuition is almost the same at Birmingham’s leading universities. We’re using the University of Birmingham as a benchmark to give you a general notion of Birmingham’s tuition costs.

In-home learners:

  • The cost of tuition for a full-time student for the academic year 2020–21 was GBP9,250 (INR 8.3Lakh)
  • The cost of part-time tuition for the 2020–21 academic year is GBP6,935 (INR6,23,019)

Students from abroad:

  • Undergraduate full-time tuition costs for the 2020–21 academic year range from GBP 18,120 to GBP18,780 (INR 16 Lakh- INR 16 lakh)
  • Postgraduate full-time annual tuition costs for the 2020–21 academic year range from GBP18,450 to GBP20,070 (INR 16 lakh- INR 18 lakh)

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How Much Does Transport Cost in Birmingham?

The price of travel comes next in Birmingham’s cost of living for students. The railway network in Birmingham is well-connected for both regional and local services. Students frequently use the three main stations, Snow Hill (conveniently positioned for Aston University), Moor Street (for BCU), and Birmingham New Street. In Birmingham, buses are very widely used because they connect all areas of the city. A monthly pass for public transport will set you back at about GBP 55 (INR 5000) per month.

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What Do Food And Other Basic Need Cost In Birmingham?

Whether you decide to cook at home or eat out will determine how much food costs in Birmingham. Naturally, cooking for yourself will be considerably more affordable for you. Here’s a sample of what you can expect to pay for food in Birmingham.

  • INR 40- INR 90 for 1L of milk.
  • 12 Eggs: INR 110- INR 210
  • Coffee delivery: INR 150- INR 270
  • INR 450- INR 900 for 1 kilogramme of beef
  • Coca-Cola bottle: INR 60- INR 140
  • INR 55 – INR 110 for a loaf of bread
  • Chicken, 1 kilogramme INR 360- INR 500
  • A pint (0.5L) of domestic beer in a restaurant or pub costs between GBP2.80 (INR 25) and GBP3.85 (INR 350) for 1 kg of apples and 1 kilogramme of white rice, respectively.

You will need to spend money on clothing, doctor visits, toiletries, gym memberships, and other things in addition to meals. Expect to spend at least GBP 84 per month on all of these additional essentials.

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What Does Recreation And Entertainment Cost In Birmingham?

Birmingham is renowned for having a vibrant social scene. Numerous renowned pubs, taverns, clubs, and nightclubs are concentrated in the city centre in particular. Here is a list of Birmingham’s standard pricing for amusement and recreation.

  • INR 180- INR 360 for a bottle of imported beer at a restaurant or bar.
  • Pints of domestic beer cost between INR 250- INR 350 at restaurants and bars.
  • Including appetisers, the main course, wine, and dessert, dinner for two at an Italian restaurant costs INR 5000 approx.
  • A cheap pub dinner for two costs INR 3400 approx
  • Cappuccino in the city’s ex-pat neighbourhood, INR 360 approx
  • INR 1900 approx for two movie tickets.
  • Prepaid cellphone cost for 1 minute (no discounts or plans): INR 10 – INR 11

Make sure you budget at least GBP23 (INR 2000- INR 3000) per month for maintaining a healthy social life.


Is Birmingham UK expensive to live in?

Birmingham was ranked as the 118th most expensive city in the world out of the 227 cities included in Mercer’s 2023 Cost of Living Survey. This places Birmingham’s cost of living significantly lower than London’s, which is placed 17th.

Is rent expensive in Birmingham?

In Birmingham, flat costs, on average, are $1,274 (INR 104557.82). Rent prices vary according to a number of variables, such as location, size, and quality.

Is Birmingham an affordable city?

Birmingham is a great place to live because of its outstanding transport system, high-quality reasonably priced housing, and a wide variety of cultural offerings.

Hope this blog helped you understand all the necessary information regarding the cost of living in Birmingham. For more information and assistance on study abroad, visit us at Leverage Edu.

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