The Average Criminologist Salary In Canada For The Year 2024

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criminologist salary in canada

The scope of criminology in Canada is excellent and if Canada is your choice of country to join the profession of criminology then the scope is abundant for your personal development too. The country provides various opportunities in the industry with competition as well as developmental options. The job if seen from the point of salary is also rewarding and to verify this statement read the following blog on the Criminologist salary in Canada and see for yourself if the salary in the profession is actually worth it.


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Average Criminologist Salary In Canada

The job of a criminologist is not only courageous but also provides very good returns when it comes to salary benefits. Criminologists in Canada can easily expect to earn an average salary of 134,700 in a year.

  • The lowest average salary that a criminologist can expect in Canada is 66,400 CAD
  • The highest average salary that a criminologist can expect in Canada is 209,700 CAD

If the monthly salary is considered to compare then the averages would be like the following:

  • The monthly average salary of a criminologist in Canada is 11,225 CAD 
  • The monthly average highest salary of a criminologist in Canada is 5,533 CAD
  • The monthly average lowest salary of a criminologist in Canada is 17,475 CAD

You can expect to earn a better salary or a varied salary package which can be different from the above-mentioned averages due to several other effecting factors.

Criminologist Salary In Canada For Different Experience Levels

Expertise comes with experience in the industry. Experienced individuals who have worked for several in the industry and have hands-on expertise and skills have the right to seek a better package which is usually offered to them. In the profession of criminologist individuals with an experience of 2 to 5 years may expect a better salary package of around 32% comparatively. The best information on the salary based on the year is given in the image below.

criminologist salary in canada

Criminologist Salary In Canada For Different Education Levels

Certain qualification levels need to be cleared before becoming a criminologist. The higher the level of education attained the better the salary package of an individual in this profession considering the increased knowledge that is built with higher studies. An individual with a bachelor’s degree in the field can earn 56% of higher income comparatively.

Educational Qualification Average Salary
Diploma 119,700 CAD
Bachelor’s degree185,900 CAD

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Criminologist Salary In Canada In Different Sectors

The average pay in the government sector is higher in almost all the countries compared to the private sector. In Canada, the difference is of 6%. The private sector employees are at a disadvantage of 6% when it comes to the average salary.

Sector Average Salary
Public sector123,000 CAD
Private sector 115,600 CAD

Criminologist Salary In Canada In Different Cities

The cities of Canada pay different average salaries to employees in all industries. Not all cities pay high average salaries. A comparison can be made in different cities to differentiate between higher and lower-paying cities and find out the cities that can be best preferred to work in. Referring to the following image will help get information on several cities.

criminologist salary in canada

Criminologist Salary In Canada Compared To Different Professions

To confirm if the criminologist salary in Canada is actually rewarding we can make a comparison between the criminologist salary to several other professions from the same field. The following table can be referred to acquire information on several professions and the salaries paid to the employees in those professions: 

Profession Average Salary
Advocate 90,900 CAD
Intelligence research specialist 192,000 CAD
Investigator 125,400 CAD
Fraud examiner 134,100 CAD
Security manager 177,200 CAD
Surveillance operator 48,000 CAD
Security supervisor 101,000 CAD
Private detective134,100 CAD
Juvenile supervision officer 95,300 CAD
Forensic specialist 127,700 CAD
Facility Monitor 72,700 CAD

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Is it difficult to become a criminologist in Canada?

Though there is competition in the field and several qualified criminologists are getting the best trained for suitable jobs increasing the competition even more yet there are several opportunities and deserving candidates are given suitable positions.

Is it good to be a criminologist in Canada?

Being a criminologist in Canada is a worthy job position. There is plenty of scope in the industry and career stability. The exposure in the industry through this job manifolds the development rate and career advancement.

What is the pay raise in the industry?

The pay raise is dependent on the performance of the employees. However, on average the pay raise that you can expect is 6% every 12 months, which is subject to variations.

This was all about the criminologist salary in Canada, hope you found the information provided in the blog above helpful. To read more such blogs, follow Jobs Abroad and to learn about studying abroad, follow Leverage Edu. you can provide your views or doubts in the comment section below. 

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