Top Part-time Jobs Stirling for International Students

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Part-time Jobs Stirling

Stirling is a small city with a rich past, it is well-known for its historical landmarks, and breathtaking scenery, as well as for its dining, shopping, and exciting events. Additionally, it makes a great starting point for students to explore the nearby visiting places like villages, and breathtaking countryside. Working at Stirling entails much more than just a job offer. In order to help you realise your potential professionally and fulfil your ambitions, Stirling provides a welcoming community and a wide range of perks. Depending on your interests and skills, Stirling offers a wide variety of part-time jobs. There are numerous prominent fields that offer a variety of employment opportunities, including hospitality, retail, customer service, administration, and education. For more information about part-time jobs, Stirling read this complete article. 

Why Part-Time Jobs in Stirling?

There are many reasons to consider Stirling for part-time jobs, as Stirling provides a lot of opportunities for international students:

  • Working a part-time job in Stirling can be quite fulfilling. You may advance your education, develop your skills, and increase your competence in the sector you want if you know how to choose a job carefully. 
  • Many businesses/organizations in Stirling regularly hire part-time workers for a range of positions to address a need that has just been found within their firm. This gives you the ideal opportunity to join and contribute to your role.
  • Students who work part-time get extra money for personal expenses while developing a variety of skills that they would not have the opportunity to study in high school or college.

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List of top 10 best part-time jobs

This is the list of the top 10 best part-time jobs in Stirling. You can choose any of them and gain experience along with your studies.

Job Profile  Nature of Job  Average page 
Online Tutor Part-time £20 – £40 per hour
Registered Night Nurse Permanent, full-time or part-time
Supported Living – Support Advisor Contract, full-time or part-time  £13.21 – £15 per hour
Warehouse Operative Temporary, Part-time  £10.42 per hour
Retail Advisor Permanent, part-time £11.38 per hour
Weekend Receptionist Temporary, part-time £10.50 per hour
Auto Technician Permanent, part-time £8.72 – £11.02 per hour
Customer Assistant  Permanent, part-time £11.40 – £12.30 per hour
Part-Time Cleaner Temporary, part-time £10.42 per hour
Sales Assistant Temporary, part-time £70 – £88 per day

Eligibility Requirements 

Take a look at the qualifications needed for international students to work part-time jobs at Stirling :

  • In Stirling universities, students must be enrolled full-time in a degree programme. 
  • Students aged above at least 16 years old.
  • Students must possess appropriate identification. 
  • They require a Tier 4 visa in order to work in Stirling.

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Other Job part-time options

There are a variety of job positions vacant in Stirling. Here is the other part-time job option in Stirling.

  • Accounts Administrator
  • Insurance Underwriting Internal Auditor
  • Physiotherapist Disability Assessor
  • Agency Nurse
  • Spa Therapist 
  • Grass Cutter
  • Retail Advisor 
  • Retail Customer Service Representative

Top Companies offer part-time options 

These are the top companies that hire candidates for part-time work opportunities in Stirling.

  • Grant Thornton 
  • Appcast Enterprise
  • Halfords
  • HC-One Limited
  • Randstad Care
  • Hays Specialist Recruitment Limited
  • Lidl GB
  • Franco Manca
  • Scottish Autism
  • Buzz Bingo
  • SJB Medical
  • g2 Field Marketing

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What is the best part-time job in Stirling?

Here is the list of the best part-time jobs in Stirling for international students.
Retail Assistant. Retail assistant jobs are one of the most popular part-time jobs in the UK for international students.
Customer service representative.
Library assistant.
Data entry operator.
Food delivery driver.

Can I easily find part-time work in Stirling?

Yes, there are much part-time employment open to international students studying in Stirling. In Stirling, it is generally simpler to get part-time employment off campus than on.

Where can I find work in Stirling?

Choose which ways suit you best and find more opportunities.
Job boards. Job boards are websites that list job vacancies.
Sign up for alerts.
Networking sites.
Check an employer’s website.
Search for jobs online.
Recruitment agencies.
Hidden job market.
Local council websites.

What is the cheapest job in the UK?

Here is the average salary for jobs 
Care worker. National average salary: £10.40 per hour.
Shelf packer. National average salary: £9.57 per hour.
Playworker. National average salary:£9.90 per hour.
Nursery nurse. National average salary: £10.46 per hour.
Teaching assistant. National average salary: £6.70 per hour. 

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