How to Become a Medical Practice Manager?

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Medical Practice Manager

A medical practice manager’s position is excellent because it allows you to oversee the rules and regulations that keep a medical office running smoothly. However, due to the complexity and importance of the position, you will need a strong educational background in healthcare management to be eligible for open positions. Being in charge of the policies and procedures that keep a medical office operating efficiently makes being a medical practice manager a great job. However, in order to be considered for vacant positions, you will require a good educational background in healthcare administration due to the complexity and relevance of the post. 


Who is the Medical Practice Manager

A Medical Practice Manager is an expert individual who works at a healthcare facility such as a hospital or a private medical clinic and guarantees that the facility’s operations, legal compliance, and finances are in check.

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Roles and Responsibilities of Medical Practice Manager 

A practice medical manages a variety of leadership, planning, and decision-making responsibilities to uphold and expand the medical practice for which they work. 

  • They frequently oversee a medical facility’s finances, which may include budgeting, billing, and other related financial obligations.
  • Appointing, certifying, supervising, and training employees.
  • Communicating about current practices and regulations with other departments and medical personnel.
  • Scheduling all staff members according to the anticipated patient volume.
  • Observing the rules and laws that apply to the sector and making sure the facility complies fully.
  • Creating procedures for operations that are effective and efficient.
  • Maintaining machinery and supply chain administration to guarantee materials are accessible as required.
  • Creating personnel rules, negotiating employee benefits, and settling any potential labour disputes.
  • Make sure clinic employees obtain the necessary continuous education and training.

Courses to Become a Medical Practice Manager

Courses are available with different criteria in different countries and universities. To become a medical practice manager abroad, you can take one of the following courses:

  • BBA in Healthcare Management
  • Bachelor of Health/Hospital Management
  • Master of Health/Hospital Administration
  • MBA – Healthcare & Hospital Management
  • Master’s degree in Health Administration 
  • MHSc in Health Administration
  • International Masters for Health Leadership 
  • MBA (Health Services Management) 
  • Global Executive MBA in Healthcare and Life science 
  • Masters in Health Management
  • Master in Health Services Management
  • Master of Medical Health & Leadership

Steps to Become a Medical Practice Manager Abroad? 

You won’t have to worry about the future if you choose to become a medical practice manager because management is one of the most in-demand careers. Many international institutions provide students with a three-year BBA degree and a two-year Master’s degree with a strong emphasis on teaching them business acumen. A number of foreign universities, besides those in India, offer BBA and MBA programs since they lead to a wide range of job opportunities. The greatest countries to study management are the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.

Making the Best Choice 

Making wise decisions is necessary for success in this field. If you want to learn more about it, you should investigate your career path of interest and select that particular expertise. Look into the topic combinations that are available to you to become a medical practice manager after you complete your 12th-grade education and in which you find nack.

Selecting the Proper Subjects 

The standard educational requirement to work as a medical practice manager is having a degree in the relevant field. However, interest in the Medical Practice Manager course as a standalone has recently grown. You can become a medical practice manager with a degree in managerial accounting, health economics, health finance, operations, public health, information technology, human resource management, ethics, strategy, or marketing.

Exam preparation and entrance 

Candidates can apply for admission to their top-choice institutions offering hospital management courses via the Common Application Form (CAF). Understanding the curriculum and courses in-depth is crucial for preparing for the entrance exams. You need to have a fundamental understanding of physics, chemistry, biology, and math in order to pass any entrance exam.

Pick the appropriate college 

You must perform exceptionally well on the entrance examinations if you want to enroll in this particular course at the top institutions. Many experts agree that it is usually preferable to enrol in prestigious government universities because they are less complicated and have excellent lab facilities. Additionally, they charge a cheaper course fee.

Get experience through Internships or part-time Jobs

Students can easily find part-time jobs and internship opportunities that can help them get experience in their field. There are a lot of good universities that offer on-campus and off-campus internships or part-time job opportunities. Getting experience along with education will add value to a student’s profile, and they can grow in the same field.

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Skills required to become a Medical Practice Manager

Here are the skills that you need to acquire to become a successful medical practice manager abroad.

  • Talents in administration and bookkeeping.
  • Strong organizational, and problem-solving
  • Experience in management and human resources.
  • Good communication skills
  • Understanding of HIPAA rules.
  • Powerful money management skills
  • The capacity to function in a setting that is always changing Excellent communication skills
  • The ability to inspire and lead is crucial.
  • Organizational skills
  • An openness to working with people and respecting their opinions

Types of Medical Practice Managers 

Here are the types of medical practice managers: 

  • Hospital Manager
  • Clinic Manager 
  • Medical Office Manager 
  • Health Services Manager 
  • Practice Operations Manager 
  • Hospital Administrator

Eligibility Requirements 

Since BBA and MBAs open up a wide range of employment choices, many foreign universities offer these programs. The greatest countries to study management are the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.

The eligibility requirements abroad may vary by nation and institution. Here are some typical requirements:

Eligibility Criteria for a Bachelor in Healthcare Management

  • Candidates must have graduated from a respected university with their 12th grade in order to enrol in the three-year BBA in Healthcare Management program. 
  • To be admitted, he or she needed to have a minimum grade point average of 50%.
  • It is required that you speak excellent English, have official documentation to prove it, and have at least two to three years of relevant work experience.
  •  PTE 64, TOEFL (CBT), TOEFL (PBT) 570, and 230 and IELTS 6.5 are the usual cutoff scores for English competence.

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Eligibility for Masters in Health Administration 

  • 15 years of education, minimum, including 10+2+3 years.
  • 3–4 year undergraduate degree from an accredited university in one of the following fields: health science, business, commerce, economics, or law.
  • Excellent English fluency and certified proof are necessary, as well as at least two to three years of relevant job experience.
  • The typical cut-offs for English proficiency are, PTE 64, TOEFL (PBT) 570, IELTS 6.5, and TOEFL (CBT) 230. 

Average Salary Abroad

The average starting salary of a medical practice manager varies depending on the country in which they work. However, here is a general overview of the average starting salaries for medical practice managers in the UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and Germany:

Salary for a successful medical practice manager can differ due to some factors such as level of experience, location, education and size of practice: 

Countries Average starting salary 
Canada CA$115,000
USA US$67,760
New Zealand NZ$100,000
Australia AU$120,000
United Kingdom£35,000
Germany €50,000

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Exactly what rank is a practice manager?

The best degree for this position is the Diploma in Practice Management, but you can also get the job by earning a Certificate IV in Health Administration or a Certificate III in Business (Medical Administration).

How much money do Canadian medical practice managers make?

In Canada, a practice manager makes an average of $115,000 a year or $58.97 per hour. Most experienced workers earn up to $165,090 per year, while entry-level roles start at $91,699 annually.

What qualifications are needed for an MHA abroad?

Candidates must hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university in order to be admitted to master’s in hospital administration programs at international universities. Additionally, candidates must show up for recognized English proficiency exams and achieve the minimum required score/band.

Hopefully, this article will give a brief overview of how to become a medical practice manager, for more career-related blogs. follow Leverage edu. 

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