Physiotherapist Salary in Dubai Updates 2024

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Physiotherapist Salary in Dubai

Physiotherapist Salary in Dubai: Many Indians are fascinated by jobs in Dubai. The city’s human resources requirement is vast and attracts many people migrating to this land. At present there are nearly Over 3,860,000 Indian expats living in the entire UAE region, most of them being from Dubai. Among them are also many physiotherapists. If you are a trained and qualified physiotherapist, you can also work in Dubai as a physiotherapist. Prove your qualifications, procure a job, and get a visa and you are all set. Except, looking for a job vacancy in Dubai from India will be a little difficult. So that you do not have any confusion regarding getting a job, here is a guide to Physiotherapy salaries in Dubai to help you navigate through the job profiles. Surely, money is not the only motivation to work in Dubai, nevertheless, it is a strongly influential factor. 


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Average Physiotherapist Salary in Dubai (2024)

As a physiotherapist, you can earn a monthly salary of around 5,325 AED in Dubai. Which is a very good amount to spend on a decent lifestyle in the city. Moreover, there are no income taxes to be paid while working in the UAE, which increases your opportunities and savings. 

This monthly average salary is roughly equal to 1.2 lakhs per month in Indian Rupee. The average annual Physiotherapist salary in Dubai is 75,394 AED. The average of most starting salaries is around 48,000 AED in Dubai. 

If you are working as a freelancer or have a private clinic you can charge per hour charges. This will be around 129 AED per hour. In this way, you can earn really good amounts as a physiotherapist in Dubai. 

Physiotherapist salary in Dubai

Top Places to Work as a Physiotherapist in Dubai

You will need an idea about where to work as a physiotherapist before applying to any of the positions. Therefore, the following table contains a list of top companies and employers in Dubai that hire physiotherapists. 

Company Average Salary 
Physioveda Medical Center6,833 AED per month
DOCIB healthcare Pharmacy5,222 AED per month
Kare Plus16,194 AED per month
CYRO 5,731 AED per month
VLCC international UAE Slimming and Beauty5,033 AED per month
VLCC International UAE Slimming and Beauty19,000 AED – 31,000 AED per month
Emirates Hospital2,000 AED – 5,000 AED per month
DHCC6,000 AED – 7,000 AED per month
Emirates Health Services9,000 AED – 11,000 AED per month
Al Garhoud Private Hospital11,000 AED – 13,000 AED per month

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Physiotherapist Salary in Dubai With Experience 

Physiotherapy in Dubai is one of the most well-paid jobs. Moreover, your salary keeps increasing with experience and you also get to explore new positions in the process. Here is an analysis of your salary with experience. 

  • As a fresher with 0-1 years, you will be earning 10,000 AED per month in Dubai. 
  • After that, when you have gained around 1-3 years of experience your salary will be around 7,953 AED per month. 
  • Once you have around 6-9 years you can earn around 9,050 AED as a physiotherapist in Dubai. 
  • If you already have 9-12 years of experience your monthly salary will be around 14,000 AED. 
Physiotherapist Salary in Dubai

Physiotherapist Salary in Dubai With Education Level

The salary you can earn in Dubai while working as a physiotherapist is totally based on your education level. Here we have mentioned the salary with education:

Education Level Average Salary 
Bachelor’s Degree332,100 AED per year
Master’s Degree460,500 AED per year
PhD605,700 AED per year

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Top Physiotherapist Positions in Dubai With Salary 

The following table contains a list of positions for the Physiotherapist salary in Dubai for different positions with their respective average salaries. 

Position Salary 
Occupational Therapist 9,311 AED per month
Health Care Advisor 3,157 AED per month
Speech Therapist 9,535 AED per month
Physical Therapist 5,489 AED per month
Massage Therapist 3,763 AED per month
Therapist 4,939 AED per month

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Physiotherapy Positions Offered at Different Companies

To get an idea of what kinds of positions are offered at different companies in Dubai, here is a curated list of some popular job openings in the city. You will get a fair idea of what kind of positions to expect at a particular company, the seniority level might differ though. Moreover, there might be other positions available too at the same company so you can give it a quick review before applying. 

Job OpeningCompany 
Hospital Administrator Hatch Fit Physiotherapy Clinic
Assistant Professor in Healthcare School of Nursing and Midwifery University of Birmingham Dubai
Qualified Physiotherapist in Hydrotherapy Marinescence
Physiotherapist Get checked Clinic Dubai
Physiotherapist Healthy Movement Kinesitherapy Centеr
Physiotherapist Getchecked Clinic Dubai
Physiotherapist Nordic Home Healthcare L.L.C
Physiotherapist Enaya Home Nursing
Physiotherapist Physioveda Medical Center

How to Become a Physiotherapist in Dubai?

Apart from the basic qualifications, you will need to take a few tests to become a physiotherapist in Dubai. Basically, you will need to sit for tests to get a professional license in UAE. For this, you can contact various authorities such as the Dubai Health Authority (DHA), Ministry of Health (MOH) or Abu Dhabi Health Authority (HAAD). A license from any of these authorities will work. Moreover, you can find all the important information regarding the process to get one on the official website of these authorities. 

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How much do Physiotherapists make in Dubai?

As a physiotherapist, you can earn a monthly salary of around 5,325 AED in Dubai. The average per-year salary for physiotherapy in Dubai is 75,394 AED. The average of most starting salaries is around 48,000 AED in Dubai. 

Can an Indian physiotherapist work in Dubai?

Yes, Indian physiotherapists can work in Dubai. You will need to sit for tests to get a professional license in UAE. For this, you can contact various authorities such as the Dubai Health Authority (DHA), Ministry of Health (MOH) or Abu Dhabi Health Authority (HAAD). 

What is the scope of physiotherapy in Dubai?

Since Dubai is a famous destination for various tourists, players and celebrities, physiotherapists come in handy in the city. Most hospitals have dedicated physiotherapists with various specializations to treat the patients.

This was all about a Physiotherapist’s salary in Dubai with details of experience levels, companies, and positions. For more such informative blogs on jobs that pay a high salary, follow Jobs Abroad on Leverage Edu. 

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