List of Market Research Jobs in Abroad

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Market Research Jobs

There is great demand for market research jobs around the world, as in today’s world almost all types of businesses rely on data and insights to make informed decisions. Candidates who are interested in working in market research can search for options available abroad. In this particular blog post, we have listed some of the most common market research jobs available abroad. Interested candidates in careers like market research can look for resources available to help them get started. Candidates can find the most popular research job options on websites such as Indeed, glassdoor, LinkedIn, and Monster.

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Requirements to Get Market Research Jobs

Check below the requirements that need to be fulfilled to get market research jobs:

  • Education: The candidates are required to have a bachelor’s degree in statistics, marketing, market research, or a related field. Market research degree programs often include courses in the following areas:
    • Branding and product promotion
    • Audience targeting
    • Consumer behavior
    • Marketing strategy and research
    • Statistics analysis
  • Certification: This will help to increase the knowledge of market research and analysis. This will make it easier to find jobs for the candidates.
  • Experience: Often recruiters expect that the candidates must have experience in the market research industry. The candidates get to learn how to analyze data and write and present reports that summarize the market research. 

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List of Market Research Jobs in the UK

Check below the different market research jobs available in the UK:

Job Title Location Average Salary
Lead Customer & Marketing Analyst London £40K – £47K/yr
Market Research Interviewer Nottingham £18T per year
Consumer Research Manager Leeds £40,000 – £45,000 
Marketing Data Analyst  London £45,000
Market Research Assistant Atherstone £40,510
Analytics Consultant Marketing Mix Bracknell £35,000-£65,000 per annum
Junior Researcher  London £32,000

List of Market Research Jobs in the USA

Check below the different opportunities in the field of market research available in the USA:

Job Title Location Average Salary
Lead Enterprise Software Sales Executive New Jersey $92165
Market Research and Insights Manager  Remote $126480
Project Manager  Los Alamitos $172,915
Research Associate Minneapolis $62K – $96K/yr
Client Service Director- Market Research Remote $63,257–$105,433 a year
Senior Research Analyst New York $94,322 per year
Marketing Data Analyst Wilmington $107,000 – $117,000

List of Market Research Jobs in Canada

Check below the different positions in the market research field available in Canada:

Job Title Location Average Salary
Research Analyst  Toronto C$55,596/ year
Senior Market Research Manager  Remote CA$82,069/yr
Forecasting and Market Insights Associate Toronto CA$154K – CA$154K/yr
Market Intelligence Analyst Ontario $3300 per year
Senior Manager Market Research Remote $78,275
Market Analyst Richmond $84,000–$88,000 a year
E-Commerce Analyst Remote $18–$20 an hour

List of Market Research Jobs in Australia

Check below the different types of market research opportunities available in Australia:

Job Title Location Average Salary
Research Impact Analyst Hobart 122,887 to $129,524
Market Research Interviewers Milton $33.60 per hour
Senior Event Research Analyst Sydney $106,025 – $117,363 per annum
Senior Consultant Sydney $95,000 – $140,000
Customer Research  Brisbane $130k
Market Research Data Collection Frewville $30 – $35.79 per hour
Research Officer Sydney, NSW $80,000

Job Description Market Research

The Market Research analyst jobs require a person to undertake several responsibilities. We have listed the major tasks here:

Credit: @ShirishGee
  • The individual must collect data on competitors, consumers, and marketplaces. Later they have to turn the information into actionable insights, reports, and presentations
  • A market research analyst must complete and analyze statistical data. To compile the data, the analyst can use both modern and traditional methods
  • Understand the objectives of the company and create surveys to find out the prospective customers and their preferences.

Tips for Acing Market Research Jobs Interviews

To ace the market research job interviews the candidates are required to follow some tips to ace the interview with good performance:

  • Firstly the candidates should go through the job description properly and see if it matches their career goals
  • Start your preparation by finding answers to interview questions like:
    • Why is market research essential for the success of business?
    • Is market research mandatory or optional for a startup?
    • What methods have been used to conduct the research?
    • Describe the analytical and statistical tools you are familiar with.
  • Lastly, the candidates must regularly follow up with recruiters regarding the interview.

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What are the minimum working hours for market researchers?

Usually, the minimum working hours for market researchers is 40 hours per week. However, this may vary depending on the type of project assigned.

What are the skills required to get market research jobs?

Some of the most important skills required to get into the market research field are strong written and communication skills, interpersonal skills, analytical skills, etc.

Is market research a good career choice?

Market Research is ranked #3 in business jobs. They are ranked according to their ability to offer an elusive mix of factors.

What is the qualification of market researcher?

To become a market researcher, a person must complete a Bachelor’s in business or a related field. This will help the person to qualify for an entry-level position. Those who would like to work in senior-level market research analyst careers can complete a master’s degree, and obtain work experience.

This was all about the market research jobs. For more such blogs on abroad jobs, follow Leverage Edu.

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