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Service Marketing

Becoming an essential and inseparable part of every business, Marketing is an aspect which needs to be led by proficient individuals who can curate effective strategies to build a stronger relationship of the brand with its customers. Further, with the emergence of the internet, a career in Digital Marketing is one of the promising ones to follow! With the popular demand that this arena has gained, there are several specializations that have sprouted from it. One such specialised field is Service Marketing which segregates the process of marketing, a ‘service’ from that of a ‘product’. It is emerging as a crucial area of study in the digital age as humans are rapidly getting ensnared by the online applications created for different kinds of services. Through this blog, we aim to bring you a detailed guide on what service marketing entails, courses offered, top universities as well as the career prospects you can explore.

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What is Service Marketing?  

Service Marketing aims to promote the services provided by a business rather than focusing on a physical product. To apprehend this in simpler terms, it is constituted of marketing strategies for services. In the present global economy, services are becoming increasingly prominent. To facilitate the right strategies as well as planning for marketing the varied kinds of services, this area of study emerged. In this type of marketing, there are several strategies used including promotional deals, advertisements, creative content, etc. The promoters in such cases carry out the promotional campaigns for the clients through magazine adverts, television commercials, billboards, internet ads etc. Further, for service marketing, the approach taken is more of a customer-oriented one based on which efficient marketing policies are designed. 

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How Does Service Marketing Works?

Majorly there are two kinds of service marketing policies classified in the firms such as business to customer (B2C) policies where the organizations facilitate services to the particular customer and business to business (B2B) where the marketing firms carry out the campaigns for other companies. The basic methodology behind the promotions is to carry out the research about the behaviour of demand to deliver the best output. Through this, certain essential advertisements are produced out of which clients choose the suitable ones to marketing their services.

For instance, there is an institution which provides hip-hop dance lessons, in order to understand the service marketing policies for them, they will have to know about whether people are interested in taking these classes as well as the target audience for hip-hop dance lessons in that particular area. If the response from the research turns out to be positive then, appropriate campaigns and advertising strategies will be crafted to specifically target those people. 

Areas Where Service Marketing Is Used

Here are some of the areas where services marketing is used.

  • Telecommunications
  • Financial
  • Transportation
  • Tourism, leisure and entertainment
  • Consulting
  • Design, marketing and sales
  • Management
  • Hospitality
  • Education
  • Marketing
  • Trade industries
  • Health and wellness

Service Marketing: Career Scope & Job Profiles

Since Service Marketing is an emerging field of study, it is usually available as a specialisation in both bachelor’s and master’s degree courses such as a Masters in Marketing or an MBA in Digital Marketing. Once you have secured a degree in marketing or related fields, you can set out to explore the varied scope that service marketing offers. From advertising agencies to top-notch industrial firms, the demand for those who have majored in service marketing is always on the rise. You can choose from a variety of prominent as well as emerging sectors offering a multitude of prospects. 

To help you understand the array of opportunities available in the specialised domain of Service Marketing, we are listing down some of the major job profiles that are commonly chosen: 

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Market Researcher

As a market research, your primary role would be to gather the essential information and data regarding a particular service which can be ultimately used to create marketing campaigns. Along with this, you would be expected to locate the target demographics and design the appropriate message for that particular demographic. A blend of technical skills and fluent communication skills would help the candidates to conduct surveys and gather useful information. To enter this popular work profile in Service Marketing, candidates would essentially require a bachelor’s degree in Marketing. 

Data Analyst

Those working as a Data Analyst mainly focus on calculating the metrics and related data for a particular related to facilitating market research, assessing the campaign’s overall performance and website analytics when the campaigns are going on. To get a job at this level in the field of service marketing, a degree in any of the technical field of Statistics Analysis, Maths, Computer Science, Marketing, amongst others is commonly preferred. 


The essential role of a copywriter is to create the required content for advertisements and other communication materials for business clients. The general tasks of a copywriter would be drafting the copy ads, commercial scripts, taglines, ad scripts etc. Those wanting to enter this field must be proficient in written and verbal communication. A degree in Marketing, English, Psychology or Business can complement your qualifications.   

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Apart from these top-notch job profiles, here are some other positions that you can choose from to build your career in service marketing:

  • Public Relations Manager
  • Advertising Manager 
  • Media Buyer
  • Brand Manager 
  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Event Planner
  • Promotions Manager 
  • Digital Marketing Manager 

Thus, we hope that this blog has helped you understand the key aspects of a career in service marketing. If you are aspiring to pursue a degree in Marketing and don’t know which one to opt for, reach out to our experts at Leverage Edu and we’ll guide you in selecting a suitable course and university that can equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to establish a rewarding career in this field.

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