Is Pharmacy a Lucrative Career Path in the UK? Explore Pharmacist Salary UK in 2024

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Pharmacist Salary UK

Pharmacist Salary UK in 2024: Ever considered a career as a pharmacist? It’s a noble profession, playing a vital role in ensuring folks get the right medications at the right time. But let’s be real: everyone wonders about the salary, right? So, let’s ditch the jargon and have a down-to-earth chat about pharmacist salaries in the UK. Think of this as your salary decoder ring, unlocking the mysteries of what pharmacists typically earn. We’ll explore the average salary of a pharmacist in the United Kingdom. 


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What is the Pharmacist Salary UK?

In the United Kingdom, a pharmacist’s annual salary varies depending on experience, location, and work setting. On average, pharmacists earn around 48,000 GBP to 58,000 GBP per year, translating to roughly 4,000 GBP to 4,800 GBP per month. Entry-level positions might start at 32,000 GBP annually, while highly experienced pharmacists in specialized roles can reach up to 108,000 GBP per year.

Typically, the highest annual salary for a pharmacist in the United Kingdom is 160,700 GBP; the highest monthly salary is 13,391 GBP; the average annual salary is 79,600 GBP; the average monthly salary is 6,633 GBP; the lowest annual salary is 38,700 GBP; on the other hand, the lowest monthly salary is 3,225 GBP.

Note: The salary sources have been taken from Glassdoor, and indeed. 

Average Pharmacist Salary UK By Experience Level 

The more you experience, the more you earn. Here we have mentioned the average pharmacist salary in the United Kingdom, which is based on the level of experience. 

Pharmacist Salary UK

Average Pharmacist Salary UK By Education 

The level of your pharmacy degree defines your earning potential. Here, you can check how much you earn as a pharmacist based on your education.

Education Level Average Salary 
Bachelor’s Degree62,100 GBP
Master’s Degree117,100 GBP

Average Pharmacist Salary UK By Companies 

Here we have mentioned a list of some high-paying companies for pharmacists in the United Kingdom: 

Company Average Salary (Per year) 
NHS45,000 GBP
Interface Clinical Services46,868 GBP
Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust50,000 GBP
NHS England50,000 GBP
Barts Health NHS Trust47,240 GBP
AT Medics47,000 GBP
Boots39,750 GBP
LloydsPharmacy41,875 GBP
Well Pharmacy45,000 GBP
Tesco45,000 GBP
Superdrug42,000 GBP
University College London Hospitals45,500 GBP
Day-Lewis41,452 GBP
Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust48,973 GBP

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Average Pharmacist Salary UK By Cities 

Here we have mentioned the average pharmacist salary range, which is based on the different cities in the United Kingdom: 

Pharmacist Salary UK

Average Pharmacist Salary UK By Positions 

List of high-paying positions that are similar to pharmacists. Check out the following professions that help you earn money in the United Kingdom: 

Jobs Positions Average Salary (per year) 
Clinical Pharmacy Manager47,770 GBP
Graduate Pharmacist40,150 GBP
Staff Pharmacist37,835 GBP
Pharmacist Manager49,254 GBP
Retail Pharmacist40,471 GBP
Hospital Pharmacist43,290 GBP
Pharmacy Tech28,349 GBP
Associate Medical Affairs Director158,700 GBP
Bioinformatics Scientist142, 500 GBP 

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How much is a pharmacist paid in the UK?

The average salary for a pharmacist in the UK is 24.47 GBP per hour, or 47,708 GBP annually. Starting salaries for entry-level positions are 41,144 GBP per year, while experienced professionals can expect to make up to 58,500 GBP.

What is the scope of pharmacy in the UK?

There are two primary pharmacy sectors in which one can work: community pharmacy, which includes GP offices, health centres, small to medium-sized chain stores, independent pharmacies, and big retail chains. hospital pharmacy: in private as well as NHS hospitals.

Does being a pharmacist pay well in the UK?

Senior-level salaries can vary from 47,126 GBP to 90,387 GBP (Band 8a to 8d) based on experience, training, and knowledge.

This was all about pharmacist salaries in the UK in 2024. If you want to read more updates on the salary blog, follow Leverage Edu and our official page, Jobs Abroad. 

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