Job Vacancies Abroad with Accommodation in 2024

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job vacancies abroad with accommodation

Companies abroad are looking for global talent who can handle the responsibilities. Most of the MNCs prefer Indians to work in high positions as they have the impression of a hard-working community. This has grown the demand for job profiles in India for abroad. Now is the opportunity for many international students or candidates to start a work career in foreign countries and gain global exposure. Today’s blog is all about job vacancies abroad with accommodation. This is going to be an informative one, so sit tight and continue reading.


Benefits of Working Abroad

There are numerous benefits and endless possibilities if you are considering getting a job abroad. Here are some of the key benefits we have mentioned below, kindly have a look:

  • Firstly, Jobs in foreign countries are comparatively high-paying. Let’s understand this with an example, if you are a web developer in India your average salary per annum can range from INR 4 lakh to 7 Lakh but for the same job responsibilities abroad you may get paid around USD 40,000 to 70,000 ie (INR 32 Lakh to 57 Lakh per annum)
  • Many countries have citizens with an average age of 40+ Years which means for these countries to make their economy sustainable they need a young workforce. This is an opportunity for any young job seeker as the possibility of getting a job in such countries is high. Example- Germany with an average age of citizens 44 Years.
  • If you are an international student from a renowned University the possibility of securing a job abroad is high. So you should definitely consider getting a job abroad to future-proof your career.
  • Gaining international Work experience can even help you get better job opportunities in future.

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Top Countries for Jobs Abroad with Accommodations

There are so many countries where you can start your work career, but here are some hand-picked countries that are great for immigrants and provide job vacancies abroad with accommodations:

  • Canada- It is a sought-after destination among people seeking job vacancies abroad with accommodation because it has diverse industries offering stable employment along with excellent public services such as free education up until high school level.  It also has strict labour laws that protect workers’ rights. 
  • Australia– Australia offers many jobs in sectors such as hospitality, healthcare, construction and education.  Australia is a desirable place to work due to its relaxed lifestyle and the many natural wonders it has to offer. Job vacancies are often advertised online through job portals or recruitment agencies. 
  • New Zealand– New Zealand has always been famous for its beautiful landscapes and friendly people. The country has job vacancies with accommodation in various industries including farming, tourism, healthcare and engineering. 
  • Germany– As we mentioned earlier, Germany is going through a rough spot right now as their working class is majorly aged 44 years on average, with inflation hitting its all-time high of around 7.9% (highest in 70 years). This can be an opportunity for skilled workers due to a shortage in their labour market. Many companies in Germany also offer generous benefits packages including job vacancies abroad with accommodation as a means of attracting foreign talent. 
  • United Kingdom– As this is a well-developed country you can find many job opportunities in different sectors like finance, media, arts, education, etc. 
  • United States of America- USA is another well-developed country that is rich in culture and many employment opportunities. You can find jobs in various fields like technology, entertainment, healthcare, education, and many more.

List of Job Vacancies Abroad with Accommodation

Here are the available job vacancies abroad with accommodation, we have listed them below kindly have a look:

Job ProfileRecruiter LocationAverage Salary
Customer Onboarding ManagerVivacity LabsHybrid-Remote in LondonEUR 25,000 p.a (INR 22 Lakh)
Senior Administrative AssistantWells Fargo BankHybrid-Remote in LondonSalary not revealed 
Homeless Intervention OfficerCentral BedfordshireCouncilHybrid-Remote in Bedfordshire (rotational shift)EUR 35,000 p.a (INR 31 Lakh)
Technical Support LeadVivacity LabsLondon N1EUR 35,000 p.a (INR 31 Lakh)
Service Desk Analyst Science and Technology Facilities Council WarringtonEUR 25,700 p.a (INR 22.9 Lakh)
Recruitment ConsultantRobert WaltersLiverpoolSalary not revealed

*Courtesy- Indeed

How to apply for jobs abroad?

Finding jobs abroad can be extremely simple if you know the right way to do it. You can use different job portals like Indeed or others to search for jobs on the go. This makes the complete process a bit hassle-free. There are also other options like you can focus on networking and build a strong network. Based on your skills, experience, or academic qualification can even get job offers directly from recruiters. One of the best networking apps for jobs abroad is LinkedIn, where recruiters can directly approach you with job proposals or you can even apply for jobs.

Documents Required in the Process

When you successfully get a job offer, you will need some essential documents to get a job abroad with accommodation. We have mentioned below some of the required documents that will come in handy:

  • Valid Passport
  • Job offer from a foreign employer
  • Academic transcripts (for educational background check)
  • Updated Resume
  • Recent medical examination report
  • Police clearance certificate (only if necessary)
  • Work Visa application

Work Visa and Permit

When you are considering working in a foreign country you need to get a Work Visa to officially get clearance by the government of that country that you are eligible to work. There are 2 types of Work Visas, one is a temporary work visa and another one is a permanent work visa. If you are trying to a job abroad it’s highly recommended to read the “Must Read” blog mentioned below, thoroughly to get detailed insight on this topic.

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Career Outlook

Even apart from the job mentioned or countries, there are many other job vacancies abroad with accommodations available. The global job market is also anticipated to grow by 3% even in this time when recession is hitting many countries. This is the right time to consider finding jobs abroad to boost your career.


What can be the reason for the rejection of a Work Visa?

Here are a few reasons for the rejection of a Work Visa:
Incomplete Work Visa Application
No Job offer from an International Company
Having a prior criminal record
Not fulfilling the basic eligibility criteria

Can I get a work visa from my employer?

Yes, an employer can sponsor your work visa if they are looking forward to recruiting you as an employee for their company, otherwise, you need to hold a job offer to be eligible for getting a work visa

Do all the jobs abroad provide accommodation?

It’s not necessary that all jobs abroad will provide accommodation, but the jobs mentioned above in the list provide jobs along with accommodations. 

This was all about Job vacancies abroad with accommodation. If you wish to learn more about other emerging career options and always want to stay updated you can visit our page. Need guidance regarding Study Abroad? Connect with our Leverage Edu experts today!

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