The Ultimate Guide To The Highest Paying Jobs In Switzerland

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highest paying jobs in switzerland

Switzerland is known as the ‘Land of Alps’ and it ranks as one of the safest and most stable countries in the world along with this it is a very productive country which tempts most people to be a part of it. It provides attractive wages with fair labour laws and unemployment is also very low in Switzerland and these things work as a major attraction to the ones who aspire to work abroad. In this article we will explore highest paying jobs in Switzerland, the Benefits of working in Switzerland, How to search for the highest paying jobs in Switzerland etc.


Benefits of Working In Switzerland

Here are some of the benefits of working in Switzerland which efficiently resonate with why you should choose Switzerland to work-

Leave Entitlements

Employees who have been working in Switzerland for a year get four weeks of fully paid vacation annually. and employees below the age of 20 get 5 weeks of paid employment.

Maternity and Paternity Leave In Switzerland

Female employees in Switzerland get 80 per cent of their normal wages and get 14 weeks of paid maternity leave. Fathers are entitled to two weeks of paid paternity leave during the six months following their child’s delivery. Paternal benefits are the same as maternity benefits.

Pension Plans

Employers who live in Switzerland permanently are required to pay for Social Security Payroll taxes alongside their employees. This pay includes pensions, unemployment insurance, disability, and work-related injury insurance.


In Switzerland, employees get their overtime pay if they work the extra hours beyond the time mentioned in the employment contract.


For all Swiss citizens private health insurance is mandatory. employee’s employer caters to all the insurance of the employee if an employee gets injured or hurt due to or during the work.

Competitive Salary

Because of the fastest growing economy, Switzerland is a hub of highest paying jobs. Getting paid highly is a major benefit to working in Switzerland and this reason also attracts many overseas workers to come and work in Switzerland.

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Know About Highest Paying Jobs In Switzerland

Here are some of the highest paying jobs in Switzerland mentioned below with Average Annual salaries-

highest paying jobs in switzerland


To become a pilot a person undergoes an extensive training program as they are responsible for the safety of thousands of people. and is responsible for smooth flight, Piloting stands out as the most exhilarating profession among all those listed below.

JobAverage Annual Salary
Pilots154,984 CHF

Chief Executive Officers

The CEO Chief Executive Officers are highly paid in Switzerland.CEO’s responsibilities involve developing the company, generating profit and increasing share prices. They manage full accountability for an organisation’s rise and downfall.

JobAverage Annual Salary
Chief Executive Officer203,436 CHF


Judges are legal professionals as they give instructions to juries and check every aspect of the facts in court to give a verdict which should be fair and they are also responsible for sentencing convicted criminal defendants.

JobAverage Annual Salary
Judges167,000 CHF

Bank Manager

For the client relationship, Bank Managers are the go-to people for the relationship with the client. The Bank Manager job role requires working closely with teams like legal, operations, Compliance and Auditing. They also handle all the administration for their clients’s portfolios.

JobAverage Annual Salary
Bank Manager110,000 CHF


The IT team is responsible for making sure that the other teams have well-functioning software and hardware technologies to get their work done efficiently and effectively. To get an IT job some skills are required like coding and application development.

JobAverage Annual Salary
IT80,000 CHF

Sales And Marketing-

The sales and marketing team works and builds strategies to target a particular audience for selling the company’s goods and services. They are important jobs for an organisation as they generate profit for the company.

JobAverage Annual Salary
Sales And Marketing65,000 per year

Healthcare Jobs

Healthcare is one of the highest paid sectors of Switzerland as they are responsible for the mental and physical well-being of the person. They have to work hard to secure a job in the healthcare sector but on the other hand, they really get paid well.

JobAverage Annual Salary
Healthcare80,000 CHF

Human Resource Management

The main work of the HR team is to hire talent and they act as a bridge between the employee’s job satisfaction and employer along with it they take care of the employee’s benefits and compensation. As per recent research HR jobs are one of the most lucrative jobs in 2024.

JobAverage Annual Salary
Human Resource Management103,999 CHF 

Financial Jobs

Managing the organisation’s financial strategies is the responsibility of the financial team, they basically work to boost the financial performance of an organisation after reducing the costs. The finance team tries to match the financial status with the company’s financial forecasts.

JobAverage Annual Salary
Finance Jobs86,050 CHF

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5 Best Sites To Look For The Jobs In Switzerland

Here are some 5 sites to search for jobs in Switzerland-


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Is it easy for Indians to get a job in Switzerland?

There is high demand for skilled workers in Switzerland. A person with the right skills and knowledge and the ability to pitch himself can get a job in Switzerland easily. There are higher chances of getting a job in big cities like Geneva, Bern, and Lausanne of Switzerland than in small towns.

What is a good salary in Switzerland?

The average salary in Switzerland is CHF 57,232 which is NR 60.50 lakhs according to the Organisation For Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). And Switzerland’s average salary is higher than the OECD average income.

Is Switzerland expensive to live in?

The cost of living in Switzerland varies depending upon where you live in Switzerland .4,000 to 8,000 you can expect to spend if you are a family and for a single person it costs around 2500 per month.

Here we end our article which was about the highest paying jobs in Switzerland to get more information about jobs abroad, universities and visas abroad stay connected to the page of Leverage Edu.

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