Explore Astronomer Salary in USA 2024: Land Your Dream Job in Astronomy 

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Astronomer Salary in USA

Do you dream of a career that combines scientific exploration with the vastness of space? Astronomy might be your perfect fit! But Wondering what astronomers in the USA can expect to earn in 2024? If you’re considering a journey among the stars, buckle up as we explore the range of astronomer salaries in the USA for 2024. By understanding these aspects, you’ll gain a clear picture of what astronomer salaries in the United States look like in 2024. This knowledge empowers you to make informed decisions about pursuing this fascinating career path and charting a course towards a fulfilling and financially secure future among the stars.


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Average Salary for the United States

The average annual salary of an astronomer in the United States is around 218,700 USD, and the average monthly salary is around 18,225 USD. It can range from the lowest annual salary, which is around 112,700 USD, to the highest monthly salary, which is 9,391 USD. On the other hand, the highest annual salary an astronomer can make in the United States is around 336,800 USD, and the highest monthly salary is around 28,066 USD. 

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Astronomer Salary Based On Experience Level in USA

An astronomer’s pay scale may change based on several variables, such as your experience. The degree of experience with the widening range of astronomer salaries in the US is listed here.

Astronomer Salary in USA

Astronomer Salary in USA Based On Education Level

The salary range of an astronomer may vary depending on factors like your level of education in a scientific field. Here we have listed the level-wise salary for an astronomer in the United States.

Education Level Average Salary Per Year 
Bachelor’s Degree153,700 USD
Master’s Degree200,100 USD
Doctorate272,900 USD

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Astronomer Salary in USA Based On Organisation

The salary range of an astronomer is based on the type of organization you are working in. Here we have listed the top organizations in the United States with their salary range. 

Organization Average Salary Per Year 
Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory54,645 USD
NASA87,047 USD
US Navy68,470 USD
United States Naval Observatory86,980 USD
Harvard University56,184 USD
W. M. Keck Observatory50,913 USD
Research Corporation of the University of Hawaii75,182 USD 
University of Arizona52,015 USD
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center96,328 USD
Seti Institute59,314 USD
East Asian Observatory57,418 USD
Lowell Observatory87,780 USD
Comcast69,789 USD
My Selections55,600 USD
Space Telescope Science Institute100,241 USD

Astronomer Salary in USA Based On Cities

Here we have listed the top-paying cities that pay good salaries for astronomers in the United States. 

Astronomer Salary in USA

Astronomer Salary in USA Based On Position

There are various high-paying astronomy jobs in the United States. Let’s dive into the highest-paying astronomy jobs.

Positions Average Salary Per Year 
Associate Professor99,421 USD
Assistant Professor71,855 USD 
Adjunct Instructor76,568 USD
Physics Instructor77,999 USD
Science Professor82,500 USD 
Support Astronomer94,944 USD
Astronomy Teachers59,500 USD
Astronomers122,000 USD
Climatologist97,000 USD 
Aeronautical Engineer127,300 USD 
Astronomy Curators163,500 USD 

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Q1: Where do astronomers work in the US?

They frequently work for federally sponsored laboratories and national observatories. Astronomers are employed by scientific museums, planetariums, and aerospace companies. Some people decide to pursue a career in academia, spending their time teaching students in a university setting.

Q2: What is the career path of an astronomer?

Typically, you’ll begin as a post-doctoral researcher and work your way up to permanent positions that may eventually lead to professorships. Your scientific knowledge can be used in many other fields and professions, such as aeronautical research and development. satellite development and research.

Q3: Do astronomers work in NASA?

A unique setting for doing Laboratory Astrophysics research is created by the multidisciplinary workforce of NASA, which includes astronomers, physicists, chemists, astrophysicists, planetary scientists, theorists, and astronomers.

Q4: What country is best for astronomers?

The United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Japan are the top nations where astronomers can find employment. These nations are well-known for their astronomy research and provide a wide range of employment options in both the public and private sectors.

This was all the information about the average Astronomer Salary in the USA in 2024. For more such informative blogs follow Leverage Edu and our official page Jobs Abroad page. 

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