A Comprehensive Overview of Average Salary in Ireland 2024: By Positions, Gender 

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Average Salary in Ireland

Salary is one of the most important factors that you need to consider when you are searching for a good job in Ireland. If you are not aware of the average income, how much you can make annually, and the amount of money in Ireland, So we will help you to get an idea about the average salary based on different parameters in Ireland such as city-wise, industry-wise, and gender-wise. Also, we will inculcate some of the best positions that are high in Ireland with their average pay. Read this complete article to learn more about the updated average salary for individuals in Ireland. 

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What is Ireland’s Average Salary in 2024 

Ireland normally pays its employees 53,500 EUR a year on average. wage ranges, however, are very wide, from 24,100 EUR (the lowest average) to 235,800 EUR (the highest average; the real maximum wage is higher). Housing, transportation, and other privileges are included in these figures. Opportunities for salaries vary greatly throughout vocations. The salaries for the particular job titles that interest you can be found below.

Average Salary in Ireland

Average Salary in Ireland by Cities 

If you want to compare the average salary of different cities in Ireland, you can use the check-in table below:  

City Name Average Salary Per Year 
Cork45,000 EUR 
Limerick40,300 EUR 
Galway39,600 EUR 
Waterford36,800  EUR 
Dublin45,700 EUR 
Belfast42,500 EUR 

Average Salary in Ireland By Industries 

You will see that companies in bigger and more lucrative industries tend to have higher annual salaries. The table below will give you an indication of which industry pays you a good package in Ireland 

Industry Name Average Salary Per Month 
Accounting, Administration & Human Resources3,891 EUR 
Architecture & Creative Arts3,578 EUR 
Banking, Finance & Insurance3,864 EUR 
Childcare & Education3,784 EUR
Construction & Maintenance3,900 EUR 
Engineering 4,620 EUR 
Food Services2,997 EUR 
Healthcare, Pharmaceutical & Social Services5,162 EUR 
Hospitality & Travel3,203 EUR
Information Technology5,679 EUR
Legal Services 5 214 EUR
Retail, Cosmetics & Customer Service2,665 EUR

List of Most Growing Industries in Ireland

As part of our research, we were also able to compile a list of a few most the growing Industries in Ireland: 

Average Salary in Ireland

Average Salary in Ireland by Gender 

In Ireland, male employees earn an average of 40,900 EUR, while female employees earn 36,400 EUR. This means that men generally earn 12% more than women on average, across all professions, for performing the same job.

Gender Average Salary Per Year 
Male 40,900 EUR
Female 36,400 EUR

Here is a list of Highest Paying Jobs in Ireland 2024: A Guide

Average Salary in Ireland by Top Positions 

In the table below, you can find and research the average salary information for different jobs in Ireland.

Popular PositionsAverage Salary Per Year 
Lawyer6,250 EUR 
Accounting Manager6,250 EUR 
Accountant 4,647 EUR 
Accounts Receivable Specialist 3,125 EUR 
Accounts Payable Specialist 3,000 EUR 
Architect6,667 EUR 
Interior Designer3,542 EUR 
Loan Officer2,500 EUR 
Business Analyst5,000 EUR 
Branch Manager3,887 EUR 
Actuarial5,444 EUR 
Educator2,408 EUR 
Librarian4,141 EUR
Instructor3,328 EUR
Biomedical Engineer4,998 EUR
Civil Engineer4,375 EUR 
Chemical Engineer3,750 EUR 
Cardiologist10,833 EUR 
Dentist8,333 EUR 

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What is a good salary in Ireland for an Indian?

Employees in Ireland earn an average of ₹30.3lakhs, mostly ranging from ₹20.4l akhs per year to ₹50.0 lakhs per year based on 25 profiles. The top 10% of employees earn more than ₹50.0 lakhs per year.

Is 70000 euros a good salary in Ireland?

In Ireland, 70,000 euros is thought to be good salary. Given that housing costs in Dublin are particularly expensive, an income of 70,000 euros would be sufficient to maintain a good level of life in the city.

Who earns the most in Ireland?

List of a few Highest Paying Jobs In Ireland In 2024:
Chief Operating Officer (Banking & Financial Services)
R&D Director ( Life Sciences & Engineering Recruitment)
Chief Financial Officer (Accounting & Finance)
Chief Executive Officer (Banking & Financial Services)
Chief Executive (Banking & Financial Services)

This was all about A Comprehensive Overview: Average Salary in Ireland 2024, for more such updated salary articles, follow Leverage Edu and stay updated with the Jobs Abroad Page.

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