How to Apply for an Ireland Visa in 2024? 

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ireland visa

Ireland is one of the most desirable destinations to study abroad. The country is progressive and is well known for its quality education and employment opportunities. However, to travel to Ireland an individual must obtain an Ireland visa. To apply for a visa, the applicant must meet the eligibility criteria and documentation requirements. It is also beneficial to be aware of the visa fees, and the processing time. Therefore, in this blog, we have provided all the details a person would require to apply for an Ireland visa.

Who Needs an Ireland Visa?

A visa is not required by individuals who have a valid Irish Residence Permit or have a travel document issued by the government. Those who have a document named “  Residence card of a family member of a Union citizen”, and a minor (under the age of 16) usually residents also do not need a visa. All other applicants regardless of nationality would have to apply for a visa.  Here we have provided a list of some of the countries and their visa requirements.

Country Visa Required 
Bolivia Yes
Canada No
Costa Rica No
Egypt Yes
Fiji No
France No
Germany No
Great Britain (UK) – Overseas citizen No
India Yes
Hong Kong (Special Administrative Region) No
Japan No
Korea (North) Yes

Ireland Visa Purposes 

ireland visa

A visa can be granted for several purposes. For example, Conference, ATWS Nurse, Business, Employment Scientific Researcher, Exam, Critical Skills Employment, Interview, Join Family, Join Ship, General Employment, Film Crew, Internship, Marriage/ Civil Partnership, Internship, Visit Family/ Visit Friend, Visit Tourist/ Group, Training, Lay Volunteer, Medical Treatment, Performance/ Tournament, Minister of Religion, Visit Tourist/ Group, and Film Crew. 

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Documentation Requirements for Ireland Visa 

The Ireland Visa Documentation Requirements would vary depending on the purpose of the visa. Generally, the 5 checklists provided below cover 98% of applications submitted to the Ireland Embassy. Hence, we have provided the documentation requirements of these categories only.

S.No Purpose of Visa  Documentation Requirements 
1 Employment (including all work permit holders, scientific researchers, and atypical workers) AVATS application form, VFS receipt, and completed checklist, Current Passport, Permission to work in Ireland, Evidence of your qualification or work experience, Criminal History check, details of previous visa refusals, and accompanying family members
2 Business / Conference / Event Application form, VFS receipt, and completed checklist, Identity documents, Invitation to Ireland, Application Letter describing the purpose of visit, demonstrating obligation to return to home country, details of previous visa refusals, and accompanying family members
3 Study AVATS application form, VFS receipt, and completed checklist, Current Passport, Letter of acceptance, proof of payment, Previous educational qualifications, English language certification, Employment History, details of Personal finances/sponsored finances/, Financial summary form(FSF), Medical insurance, details of previous visa refusals, and accompanying family members
4 Visit  (visiting family/friends, studying a course for less than 90 days, and visiting Ireland to get married) Application form, VFS receipt, and completed checklist, Identity documents, Application Letter describing the purpose of visit (for example, tourism), demonstrating obligation to return to home country,  financial evidence, details of previous visa refusals, and Visitor sunder the age of 18
5 Join family (Irish or non-EEA/EU/UK nationals  family members/those who will soon be Ireland resident)  AVATS application form, VFS receipt, and completed checklist, Current Passport, Evidence of relationship to your sponsor, Sponsor’s residential eligibility, Sponsor’s financial eligibility, CriminalHistory check, details of previous visa refusals, and proof of consent for applicants under 18

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Application Process

The application process for an visa is as follows:

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  • The applicant must make an application form on AVATS. It is important to sign and print the form 
  • Indian and Nepali citizens must fix their appointment with the VFS or the Visa Facilitation Service. 
  • Next, the applicant must compile the necessary documents, and submit the same depending on the country of residence. For example, the Indian and Nepali citizens must submit the same on the date of the VFS appointment. The biometric information of the citizens would be stored for visa purposes
  • Next, pay the fees required either directly to the VFS ( on the visa appointment day) or submit the same via bank draft to the Embassy or Ireland in India
  • Lastly, the applicant must await the visa application outcome 

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Ireland Visa Fees

Certain fees have to be paid as a cost of visa processing. The visa fees have to be paid before the visa outcome.

Visa Type Ireland Visa fee 
Current multiple entry visa fee INR 9,000
Current single entry visa fee INR 5,300
Current transit visa fee INR 2,225

Aside from the visa fees, the applicant must also consider the cost of living in the country. The YouTube video provided the details for the same.

Ireland Visa Processing Time 

The Visa is processed is processed in the order of the applications received. It is advisable not to buy the ticket to Ireland before the result of the visa application is out. The visa processing time in India is as follows:

Visa Type  Processing Time (days)
Visit  25
Study 25
Employment (Critical skills permit) 10
Business / Conference / Event 10
Other  25
Employment (General / Other permit) 35
Join family 35

Reasons for Ireland Visa Delay

There can be several reasons for a visa delay. Some of the reasons are provided below. Note: the visa processing time can vary depending on the country of the applicant. Applications that are processed in the visa office in Dublin can be checked on the ‘visa decisions page’. 

  • In case of high high volume of visa applications
  • The applicant has not provided the necessary documents
  • Further verification of the documents is necessary
  • Personal circumstances of the applicant. For example, a criminal conviction 

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Visa appeals

ireland visa

When an Ireland visa is refused the reasons for the same would be given in the Ireland refusal letter. Once, the visa has been refused, the applicant has the option to appeal the visa refusal. The Indian nationals can submit the appeal by post to the New Delhi Ireland Embassy. 

I have received my visa, when can I travel and how long can I stay?

Once the applicant has received an Ireland visa, he/she must check the details of the visa. The visa would contain the necessary information. The 4 main details included in the visa application are:

  1. Number of times to travel: It would depend on the visa validity date and the number of entries permitted. For example, if the number of entries is 1, the applicant can use the visa to enter Ireland only once.
  2. The visa validity dates: That is when can the applicant enter the country and the last permitted date of staying in Ireland
  3. Staying period: The duration of the visa would depend on the visa type and the duration of stay 
  4. The visa type: The visa type would be mentioned in the visa. For example. The non-EU/UK nationals are only allowed to stay for 90 days for each visit. Those who want to stay in Ireland for a longer period must apply for a D-type visa or a long stay. 


Can I get Ireland visa from India?

Yes. Ireland visa can be obtained from India. However, the applicant must present the relevant documents and must apply for the same. For example, the applicant must have a valid passport, medical insurance, no previous criminal record, etc. 

Is Ireland a Schengen visa?

Ireland does not come under the  Schengen Area. Therefore, the applicant would not need a  Schengen visa or Belgian residence card. To travel to Ireland visa is needed. 

Is UK visa valid for Ireland?

Yes. Indian and Chinese nationals who have obtained a short-stay UK visa are eligible to travel to Ireland. This facility is provided under the  (BIVS). Hence, an applicant who is endorsed by (BIVS) does not require an visa. 

We hope you now understand what is an Ireland visa, its requirements, etc. Want to apply for a Visa for your study abroad journey? Drop us a comment in the section below, or you can connect with a visa expert at Leverage Edu, and we will guide you on your dream journey!

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