Best Internships in Singapore For International Students

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internships in singapore

Singapore is home to numerous internationally renowned colleges as well as businesses from a wide range of industries. This combination produces a variety of internship opportunities. In the Singapore Internships program, international students can enroll and gain experience in their preferred field. International internships are a great opportunity to expand your network, learn valuable skills, and strengthen your Resume/CV. Let’s get started, though, as the process of obtaining one can be highly competitive and rigorous.


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Are Internships Paid in Singapore?

You may be wondering if there is any financial compensation available when looking for internships in Singapore. Although Singapore does not have a set minimum wage for interns, many companies do provide a monthly stipend or allowance. The sum may differ according to the industry, size of the company, and length of the internship.

Remember that there are unpaid internships in Singapore, especially in the charitable and artistic sectors. However, interns may still be qualified for a small stipend or reimbursement for living expenses such as meals and transportation. It is common for interns to cover all additional expenses on their own, though. 

If you’re looking for an internship in Singapore, you’ll probably discover that most firms don’t pay for things like housing, transportation, or visa sponsorship. Thus, get ready to handle these facets on your own! Taking into account elements like the standing of the business, the type of job being done, and possible career advancement is also important

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Types of Internships in Singapore For Undergraduate Students

Even so, there are a variety of internship options available for undergraduate students in Singapore. For your convenience, we’ve included a list of some of the most popular internships below

Type Of Internships Overview 
Field InternshipUndergraduate internships in Singapore will introduce you to a whole new world. Most of these internships involve fieldwork. It could be learning or training done while working. Any realistic project benefits from it.
Part-time or Full-time InternshipThere are numerous kinds of internships. Part-time and full-time internships are the most popular categories into which to separate internships. A full-time internship necessitates eight to nine hours of labour every day in addition to increased effort and performance-based pay.
Start-up Internship
Startup businesses have been popular for a while now. Having a start-up employer allows you to obtain practical experience. Working on the job exposes you to a variety of details, which you learn about more and more. Startups are more interested in originality and inventiveness.
Stipend InternshipCertainly paid internships might not be paid every month or based on a wage. A sum of money given to interns for a brief time is known as a stipend. There is a good potential that the stipend will grow and that it will become a full-time internship or career.
Summer or Winter InternshipSeasonal internships are included in Internship Abroad. Summer and winter internships are two of the available internship categories in Singapore. The main reason these internships are offered is to protect students’ academic progress. 
Semester InternshipWhile internships are offered by colleges, semester internships are not the same. There are semester internships available that give information and worthwhile experience. These internships provide the expertise you need to shine on your CV and get good grades in college. 
ApprenticeshipAn extended period of on-the-job training. It is more of a career or area of special interest practice. Through an apprenticeship, you can exchange your expertise and labour for the opportunity to learn from a professional. 

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List of Some Top Internships in Singapore 

There are various internships available in Singapore for international students. Here is a list of some of the top internships in Singapore. 

Intern in Singapore with Absolute Internship

Are you prepared to advance in your professional life? There’s only one program to look at: Absolute Internship Intern in Singapore! This program gives participants the chance to build relationships with people in the sector and obtain significant professional experience through tailored internship assignments in a variety of fields, such as engineering, marketing, and finance.

Participate in this compensated internship program in Singapore to get professional experience and cultural exposure. Having access to a network of 1,500 businesses guarantees that you will discover a position that fits your qualifications and industry. Take part in language study, experience local interaction, and get help finding a career after graduation. Undergraduates and graduates from Australia, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States between the ages of 18 and 25 are eligible to apply for this program.

NSC Asia Internship Program – Singapore with NEXSTEP: 

Are you looking for a top-notch program for international students that provides a unique combination of professional and cultural experiences? You only need to look at Next Step Connections’ NSC Global Student Program in Singapore! Among the internships in Singapore for undergraduates, this program promises a genuinely rewarding experience with tailored internships in industries like finance, marketing, and technology along with immersive cultural activities and events.

Singapore Airline Internship Program

Singapore Airlines, a well-known brand in the aviation sector, provides a wide variety of internship opportunities. Departments including marketing, operations, finance, and many more are open to interns. gaining inside knowledge of the workings of one of the top airlines in the globe. 

IBM Singapore Internship Program 

A window into the world of technology and information technology, IBM’s Singapore Internship Program offers interns the opportunity to work with industry professionals on cutting-edge digital solutions while emphasizing real-world projects and skills internships. 

NUS Overseas Internships Program

The NUS Overseas Internship Program expands the scope of internships internationally. This internship offers an incredible chance to build a global innovation hub. Working on cutting-edge projects while exposed to a global workforce is one of the benefits of this internship program. 

Top Industries Offer Internships in Singapore

Look at the picture. Here are some of the top industries that offer internship programs in Singapore.

internships in singapore

Eligibility to Get Internships in Singapore 

When you are planning to pursue an internship in Singapore, you should consider the following factors:

  • You must be eighteen years of age or older.
  • To enter and work in Singapore, you will require a valid passport.
  • At least six months should remain on your passport after the planned length of stay.
  • The majority of internships in Singapore require a high level of English proficiency because you are expected to properly communicate with clients and coworkers.

How to Apply For an Internship in Singapore

To apply for an Internship in Singapore hassle-free, follow the following steps:

  • First, decide when and for how long you want to do the Internship. For example, if you want to do it right now or months later, or do you want to pursue it for one month, three months, or longer?
  • Decide which Industry you want to join. Once the industry is figured out, research companies.
  • If you are studying in Singapore you do not need another visa but you need to check your University rules and if you are permitted to do an internship with your current student visa. If you are not studying in Singapore check for visa requirements and apply for it once the internship is confirmed and the joining date is finalized.
  • Make your resume and cover letter following the company requirements. Design resumes differently for different companies and show enthusiasm in the cover letter.
  • Following the guidelines of the company, apply for the internship. Be prepared for the interview, and make sure to be available at the scheduled time.
  • Wait for the decision of the companies. After their confirmation, if you are selected, you will be required to sign a contract with the company, make sure to read the documents thoroughly before signing

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Q1: Can foreigners intern in Singapore?

Ans: You can! However, there are some conditions related to the visa that need to be met. All international interns must have a valid Work Holiday Pass, Training Employment Pass, or Training Work Permit before starting their internship, according to Singaporean government law.

Q2: What age can you intern in Singapore?

Ans: Generally speaking, a child cannot begin working until he is at least 18 years old. The Ministry of Manpower enforces the Employment Act and the Employment (Children and Young Persons) Regulations, which set the minimum legal age to work in Singapore.

Q3: Is Singapore good for an internship?

Ans: Undergraduates may find it beneficial and significant to complete an internship in Singapore for some reasons. Career Development: You can develop your skills, knowledge, and resume by getting practical experience in your subject of study with an internship in Singapore.

Q4: Do foreign interns need to pay tax in Singapore?

Ans: If the internship is a part of your educational program, or if the pay of the internship is in a way that it only meets your daily expense then you do not need to pay the tax.

This is all about the best internships in Singapore for international students. For more informative blogs on internships, follow jobs abroad and stay in touch with our partner, Leverage Edu

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