An Overview of Accountant Salary in Ireland 2024

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accountant salary in ireland

Top organizations and business owners use accounting to track their financial operations, meet legal obligations, and make stronger business decisions. To keep all these types of records, we require a highly skilled accountant. That is the reason the demand for an accountant in Ireland is increasing day by day. To become a good accountant and get a job in a well-known organization with a high level of expertise, you must be proficient in accounting and calculation. In this article, we will help you learn about the average accountant salary for 2024 in Ireland and how that compares to other countries and professions.

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How Much an Accountant Make in Ireland

In Ireland, the average annual income for an accountant is approximately 30,700 EUR; however, this can vary greatly, with the lowest average compensation being approximately 16,300 EUR and the highest average salary being 45,400 EUR.

Average Annual Salary30,700 EUR
Average Monthly Salary2,558 EUR
Lowest Annual Salary16,300 EUR
Lowest Monthly Salary1,358 EUR
Highest Annual Salary45,400 EUR
Highest Monthly Salary 3,783 EUR

Comparison of Accountant Salary in Ireland By Experience 

After the particular occupation, the number of years of experience is the most significant element in deciding your compensation. More years of experience should logically translate into a larger salary. Here is a list of salaries by year for experienced workers. 

accountant salary in ireland

Comparison of Accountant Salary in Ireland By Cities 

You may examine the data for each individual city we looked into by looking at the image below if you want to compare the salaries of accountants in Ireland with those in other cities.

Cities  Average Salary (per year)
Dublin30,600 EUR
Cork32,200 EUR
Waterford27,400 EUR
Galway27,100 EUR
Limerick31,200 EUR

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Comparison of Accountant Salary in Ireland By Companies 

Selecting the ideal company to begin your accounting career is another crucial step in pursuing a career in Dubai. Here are a few of the top businesses along with a comparison of their typical salaries: 

Companies  Average Salary (per year)
Allied Irish Banks€51,000
Bank of Ireland€54,000
Grant Thornton€62,500

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Comparison of Accountant Salary in Ireland By Education 

To determine whether having more education would result in higher compensation, we researched the average salary of accountants in Ireland, which is based on the employees’ educational attainment.

accountant salary in ireland

Comparison of Accountant Salary in Ireland By Positions 

We have included the pay information for a few related jobs that are comparable to an accountant in Ireland in the table below.

Job Positions Average Salary 
Tax Manager€5,938 per month
Business Analyst€5,000  per month
Financial Accountant€5,000  per month
Auditor€4,792  per month
Fund Accountant€4,375  per month
Accountant €4,592  per month
Accounting Clerk£60,000 per year 
Junior Accountant€38,500 per year 
Accounting Manager€60,019 per year 
Staff Accountant€45,000 per year 

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Q1: How much do newly qualified accountants make in Dublin?

Ans: The average salary of a newly qualified accountant in Dublin typically earns between €60,000 and €70,000 annually.

Q2: How much do accountants get paid in Ireland?

Ans: The average salary for an accountant is € 49,845 per year in Ireland. In the last 12 months, the average wage has increased by 7.00% compared to the previous year.

Q3: Are accountants in demand in Ireland?

Ans: 16,500 students are pursuing accounting degrees in Irish companies and firms, and in addition to the high demand from employers, there is still significant earning potential. In 2024, the average compensation package for newly qualified chartered accountants will be €58,967.

This was all about an overview of accountant salaries in Ireland in 2024. For more such informative blogs on salary, follow our official page on Leverage Edu. 

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