Your Guide to Astronomer Salaries in Germany (Updated for 2024)

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astronomer salary in germany

Astronomy is one of the most fascinating niche career options for space and physics enthusiasts. Astronomers who have more experience may be able to work more independently and earn a good wage. This professions including cosmologists, telescope design engineers, planetary geologists, and astrobiologists are among the many distinct job fields. Considering a career as an astronomer in Germany One of the most important and popular questions for curious minds is, ‘How much do astronomers get paid? In this complete article, we will introduce the astronomer salary in Germany for 2024.


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What is the Average Astronomer’s Salary in Germany

The field of astronomy offers a range of earning potential in Germany. On average, astronomers there earn a yearly salary of 102,020 EUR, which translates to a monthly income of 8,501 EUR. However, experience and other factors can significantly impact your compensation.  The lowest reported annual salary is 46,980 EUR (3,915 EUR monthly), while the highest earners can reach 161,300 EUR annually (13,441 EUR monthly). This highlights the potential for significant salary growth within the astronomy profession in Germany.

Astronomer Salary in Germany Based on Experience

To provide you with a notion of how the average varies after a specific number of years of employment, we have looked at the average astronomer’s income based on years of experience.

astronomer salary in germany

Astronomer Salary in Germany Based on Education

To determine whether having more education would result in a higher wage, we examined the average salary of German Astronomers according to the employees’ educational attainment.

Education Level Average salary Per Year 
Bachelor’s Degree63,380 EUR
Master’s Degree117,440 EUR

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Astronomer Salary in Germany Based on Organisation

To determine the kinds of organizations that might raise your pay, we conducted research on the average wage of German Astronomers based on German Organizations.

OrganisationAverage salary Per Year 
Max-Planck-Gesellschaft56,000 EUR-61,000 EUR 
Universität Freiburg48,000 EUR-72,000 EUR 
Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics58,000 EUR-66,000 EUR
University of Tübingen24,000 EUR-48,0000 EUR 
EMBL36,000 EUR-60,000 EUR
Universitätsklinikum Heidelberg61,000 EUR-72,000 EUR
Fraunhofer48,000 EUR-60,000 EUR 
Universitätsklinikum Ulm52,000 EUR-70,000 EUR 
Carl Zeiss SMT82,000 EUR-92,000 EUR 
IMTEK53,000 EUR-63,000 EUR 
ZI Mannheim53,000 EUR-65,000 EUR 
Max Planck Institute for Astronomy24,000 EUR-48,000 EUR 
Max Planck Institut für Festkörperforschung60,000 EUR-80,000 EUR 
Reaction Biology36,000 EUR-72,000 EUR 
Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft51,000 EUR- 59,000 EUR 
Roche73,000 EUR-86,000 EUR 
University of Stuttgart60,000 EUR-61,000 EUR

Astronomer Salary in Germany Based on Cities 

Based on the highest-paying cities, we examined the average compensation of an astronomer in Germany in our research.

astronomer salary in germany

Astronomer Salary in Germany Based on Job Roles 

To determine if a higher job level would result in higher compensation, we examined the average salary for an Astronomer in Germany depending on the various top positions.

Job RolesAverage salary Per Year 
Climatologist60,000 EUR 
Astronomy Content Writer55,500 EUR
Astrophysicist78,000 EUR 
Meteorologist60,000 EUR 
Aeronautical Engineer80,000 EUR 
Research Scientist90,000 EUR 
College Professor50,000 EUR
Astronomer88,000 EUR
Astronaut68,000 EUR
Scientist 80,000 EUR 

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Q1: Which country pays the highest salary for astronomers?

When it comes to astronomical telescope and instrumentation salaries, the United States leads the pack, followed by Germany, Canada, and the Netherlands.

Q2: Does NASA hire astronomers?

NASA is a special place to do Laboratory Astrophysics research because of the diversity of its personnel, which includes astronomers, physicists, planetary scientists, theorists, chemists, astrophysicists, and astrochemists.

Q3: What is NASA’s highest-paying job?

A Flight Surgeon at NASA has the highest income of any position at $359,632 (estimate). Which NASA employee makes the least money? At NASA, the lowest-paying position is Front Desk Associate, which pays an estimated $44,774 per year.

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