Physician Assistant Salary in Germany 2024

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Physician Assistant Salary in Germany 2024

A physician assistant is a medical professional who can offer medical services to patients under the supervision of a doctor or a physician. Physician Assistants (PA) are responsible for implementing the physician directives and assessing the health of the patients by interviewing or examining them and studying their medical history. The remuneration for a physician assistant increases with the level of experience and number of years in the profession. Similarly, the area of specialization may also influence the salary of a physician assistant. Assistants working in niche industries like orthopaedics or nutrition may earn a higher salary.

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What is the Average Physician Assistant Salary in Germany?

A physician assistant working in Germany will typically earn around 68,400 EUR per year and 5,700 EUR per month, and this can range from the lowest annual salary of about 32,200 EUR to 2,683 EUR. The lowest monthly salary is 107,880 EUR, and the highest monthly salary is around 8,990 EUR.

Physician Assistant Salary in Germany By Experience Level 

The experience level is the most important factor in determining the salary. Naturally, the more years of experience, the higher the wage. We broke down salaries by experience level for people working as physician assistants, and this is what we found.

Physician Assistant Salary in Germany

Physician Assistant Salary in Germany By Education Level 

The level of education and the salary range for a physician assistant in Germany are included in the table below. 

Education Average salary Per Year 
Bachelor’s degree 50,200 EUR
Master’s degree85,500 EUR

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Physician Assistant Salary in Germany By Organisation

Various organizations are offering good salaries to physician assistants in Germany. Here we have listed some of the of the best-paying companies for physician assistants in Germany. 

Organisation Average salary Per Year 
Universitätsklinikum Düsseldorf50,000 EUR  -59,000 EUR 
St. Bernward Krankenhaus60,000 EUR   -71,000 EUR 
HCA Healthcare44,000 EUR   -52,000 EUR 
Krankenhaus Maria Hilf46,000 EUR   -55,000  EUR 
Praxis Dr. Reusse26,000 EUR   -31,000 EUR 
Parexel54,000 EUR  -72,500 EUR 
Charité67,000 EUR   -82,000 EUR 
Universitätsklinikum Hamburg Eppendorf59,000 EUR  -69,000 EUR 
Continental51,000 EUR  -59,000 EUR 
Nokia83,000 EUR   -97,000 EUR 
DESY42,000 EUR   -50,000 EUR 
Heidelberg University Hospital54,000 EUR   -64,000 EUR 
BG Kliniken56,000 EUR  -65,000 EUR 
Haema50,000 EUR   -59,000 EUR  
ZfP Südwürttemberg46,000 EUR  -54,000 EUR 
Klinikum Bayreuth42,000 EUR   -50,000 EUR 
Alb Fils Klinken51,000 EUR   -60,000 EUR 
Herzzentrum Dresden64,000 EUR  -75,000 EUR 
Defense Health Agency42,000 EUR  -90,000 EUR 

Physician Assistant Salary in Germany By Cities 

The salary range of physician assistants also varies from city to city. Here is a list of some of the best-paying cities in Germany for physician assistants.

Physician Assistant Salary in Germany

Physician Assistant Salary in Germany By Positions 

In Germany, there are various medical jobs available that pay you a high salary. Here is a list of some of the best positions related to physician assistants in Germany. 

Positions Average Salary Per Year 
Physician150,000 EUR 
Sr. Physician Assistant151,400  EUR 
Emergency Medicine Physician197,600 EUR 
MD56,550 EUR 
Physician Assistant126,058 EUR 
Family Practitioner130,000 EUR 
PAC155,683 EUR 
Family Medicine Physician170,000 EUR 
Internal Medicine Physician177,750 EUR 
Medical Director187,500 EUR 
Family Physician190,000 EUR 

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How much do medical assistants make in Germany?

In Germany, the average salary for a medical physician assistant is 42 EUR  per hour or 87,216 EUR  per year. A Medical Physician Assistant typically makes between 59,918 EUR  and 106,491 EUR.

How do I become a physician’s assistant in Germany?

Bachelor of Science degree (B.Sc.) Admission requirements: Either three years of professional experience and training in a health-related field OR general German university admission qualification (please confirm your eligibility at the DAAD if you own an international qualification).

What are physician assistants called in Germany?

These experts are referred to as Medical Assistants-Surgery (MAC) and Physician Assistants (PA) in Germany. Requirements for Entry: State and university laws, which range nationwide, affect the specific requirements for admission to PA programs.

Which profession is highly paid in Germany?

Medical & Healthcare: The top-paying medical jobs in Germany are held by a select group of doctors, surgeons, medical practitioners, and pharmacists. Other high-demand professions: The best-paying positions in Germany are held by tax consultants, lawyers, judges, and pilots.

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