Average Electrical Engineer Salary in Germany in 2024

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Electrical Engineer Salary in Germany

Looking for career growth as an electrical engineer? If you have just completed your program in electrical engineering and want to start your career as an electrical engineer with a top organization and a high salary, you are on the right track. We will tell you how much you can earn in Germany after gaining a degree in electrical engineering. Here we have to compare the salary of an electrical engineer based on some criteria, such as location, experience, and company. We have compiled all the information in one article. Here you can learn about the electrical engineer salary in Germany in 2024.


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How Much Does an Electrical Engineer Earn In Germany? 

The average annual income for an Electrical Engineer employed in Germany is approximately EUR 45,560; this might vary from the lowest average salary of roughly EUR 19,380 to the highest average salary of EUR 71,700.

These are the typical pay and perks for an electrical engineer in Germany, including housing and transportation. An electrical engineer may also make more or less money than the average salaries displayed above.

Average Annual SalaryEUR 45,560
Average Monthly SalaryEUR 3,796
Lowest Annual SalaryEUR 19,380
Lowest Monthly SalaryEUR 1,615
Highest Annual SalaryEUR 71,700
Highest Monthly SalaryEUR 5,975

Salary Source:  Glassdoor and Payscale

Electrical Engineer Salary in Germany Based on Experience Level

To illustrate how the average varies after a specific number of years of employment, the average income for an electrical engineer is depending on years of experience.

Electrical Engineer Salary in Germany

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Electrical Engineer Salary in Germany Based on Different Organization

Here’s a list of some high-paying organizations for electrical engineers in Germany.

Organization Average Salary 
50HertzEUR 65,000-EUR 77,000 Per year 
HEITECEUR 42,000 -EUR 49,000  Per year 
Emhart GlassEUR 4,000 -EUR 5,000 Per month 
NEWTELCOEUR 3,000 -EUR 4,000 Per month 
InnomoticsEUR 48,000 -EUR 56,000  Per year 
LabMaker.EUR 42,000 -EUR 49,000  Per year 
TeslaEUR 92,000 -EUR 1,000 Per month 
MV WERFTENEUR 52,000 -EUR 67,000 Per year 
Beckman Coulter DiagnosticsEUR 77,000 -EUR 99,000 Per year 
Vanderlande IndustriesEUR 52,000 -EUR 62,000 Per year 
BradyEUR 5,000 -EUR 6,000 Per month 

Electrical Engineer Salary in Germany Based on Different Cities

Check below the given table to examine the statistics for each German city we looked into if you’d want to compare earnings in other areas. 

Cities Average Salary 
DusseldorfEUR 48,340  per year 
BerlinEUR 45,600 per year 
HamburgEUR 48,940 per year 
StuttgartEUR 42,040 per year 
FrankfurtEUR 45,620 per year 
DortmundEUR 42,320 per year 
DresdenEUR 40,140 per year 
MunchenEUR 46,980 per year 
KolnEUR 46,880 per year 

Electrical Engineer Salary in Germany Based on Education Level

Based on the employees’ educational attainment, determine whether being an Electrical Engineer in Germany would result in a pay raise.

Electrical Engineer Salary in Germany

Highest Paying Electrical Engineer Jobs in Germany 

The wage ranges for German occupations comparable to those of electrical engineers are displayed in the table below.

Positions Average Salary 
Assistant Electrical EngineerEUR 2,500 per month 
Electrical Design EngineerEUR 55,000 per year 
Junior Electrical EngineerEUR 3,842 per month 
Acoustics EngineerEUR 37,800 per year 
Automation EngineerEUR 39,420 per year 
Electrical Engineering ManagerEUR 58,440 per year 
Electromechanical Equipment AssemblerEUR 21,640 per year 
Electromechanical Engineering TechnologistEUR 41,700 per year 

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How much does an electrical engineer get paid in Germany?

The average salary for an Electrical Engineer is EUR 58,800 per year in Germany. The average additional cash compensation for an Electrical Engineer in Germany is EUR 3,300, with a range from EUR 1,600 – EUR 5,000.

Is Germany good for electrical engineering?

Germany has renowned universities offering Electrical Engineering Masters programs that are recognized and valued globally. German higher education is known for its high academic standards and rigorous quality control, ensuring a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the subject.

Who is the highest-paid Electrical Engineer?
Highest Paying Electrical Engineering Job Titles:

Instrumentation Engineer
Electrical Design Engineer
Hardware Design Engineer
Systems Engineer
Communications Engineer
Production Engineer
Signal Integrity Engineer
Electronics Design Engineer

Is electrical engineering in demand in Germany?

Yes. Electrical engineers are in demand in Germany. Hence, students can choose to pursue Electrical engineering studies in the country. The average income of an electrical engineer in Germany is  EUR 45,560. 

This was all the information about electrical engineers. For more such blogs on salary, follow the jobs abroad page, and if you want to know more about electrical engineering, reach out to leverage Edu

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