A Breakdown of Truck Driver’s Salary in Germany in 2024

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truck driver salary in germany

Truck Driver Salary in Germany: Hold the steering wheel tight and love your journey. Have you ever dreamed of turning your love for road trips into a paycheck? Imagine you’re cruising the German highways, not just hauling cargo but also collecting experiences like souvenirs. Villages peek through rolling hills, the sun rises over endless fields, and every bend brings a new cultural tapestry. Does it sound like your jam? Then buckle up, because truck driving could be your ticket to freedom and fat stacks of euros (around €15,240 to start if you’ve got a valid license and know your truck like the back of your hand). So, ditch the office walls and get ready to explore!

This blog will be your roadmap to navigating the world of German truck driving, with all the juicy details on pay, safety and making the decision that puts you behind the wheel of your destiny.

truck driver salary in germany

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What is the Truck Driver’s Salary in Germany?

The average annual pay for a truck driver in Germany is approximately 12,240 EUR; however, this can vary greatly, with the lowest average wage being approximately 6,080 EUR and the highest average salary being 23,400 EUR in 2024. 

Average Annual Salary€12,240 
Average Monthly Salary€1,020 
Lowest Annual Salary€6,080
Lowest Monthly Salary€506
Highest Annual Salary€23,400
Highest Monthly Salary€1,950 

Note: The figures for salary have been taken from Glassdoor. 

Truck Driver Salary in Germany by Experience Level

The average driver income according to years of experience helps you understand how the average varies after working for a while.

truck driver salary in germany

Top Company Truck Drivers in Germany 

Here is a list of some top companies that offer good salaries to truck drivers in Germany. Look at the table for more facts. 

Company Average Salary 
REMONDIS Gruppe€27,861 per year 
Swapfiets€2,147 per month 
Daimler Truck North America€2,712 per month 
Gucci€30,089 per year 
Nothing€2,987 per month 
Küchen Quelle€3,543 per month 
Bobe Spedition€3,000 per month 
Inther Group€2,543 per month 
Carline Transportes€2,200 per month 
VB Transportes€3,800 per month 
Hakan Nakliyat€6,000 per month 
TransSolutions€4,000 per month 
Spedition Molner€2,000 per month 
Ewals Cargo Care€2,000 per month 
Hakan Nakliyat€7,000 per month 

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Truck Driver Salary in Germany By City

Use the table below to examine the data for each individual German city that we have studied if you would want to compare salaries with those of other cities.

CitiesAverage Salary 
Hamburg€17,260 per year 
Frankfurt€14,900 per year 
Munchen€13,600 per year 
Berlin€14,540 per year 
Dortmund€12,200 per year 
Stuttgart€13,800 per year 
Koln€14,300 per year 

Truck Driver Salary in Germany by Education Level

In order to determine if having more education would result in a higher wage, we examined the average salary for drivers in Germany based on the employees’ educational attainment.

truck driver salary in germany

Highest Paying Truck Driver Jobs in Germany 

We have salary data for jobs that are comparable to driver jobs in Germany in the table below.

Job Positions Average Salary 
Bus Driver€13,900 per year 
CDL Truck Driver€17,020  per year 
Driving Instructor€15,920  per year 
Taxi Driver€14,500  per year 
Heavy Truck Driver€12,240  per year 
Transportation and Shipping Supervisor€21,400  per year 
Transport Officer€11,800  per year 
CDL Driver€14,140  per year 
School Bus Driver€13,140  per year 

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Q1: How much is a driver paid in Germany?

Ans: In Germany, the average salary for a driver is €14 per hour or €28,483 per year. A driver typically makes between €21,847 and €32,927 per year. For drivers, a high school diploma is typically the greatest degree they have received.

Q2: Can I work as a driver in Germany?

Ans: If the Federal Employment Agency (BA) has authorized the granting of the required residence title in accordance with Section 19c para, you are eligible to work as a professional driver even if you do not hold citizenship in the EU, EEA, or Switzerland but still meet the requirements listed above.

Q3: How to get a truck driver job in Germany?

Ans: You possess a valid driver’s license (C/CE) and a driver’s card (95) or equivalent. Ideally, you’ve had expert driving instruction and Recent experience—ideally three years or more—driving a car transport truck (CE). Observe all safety guidelines, comply with all legal requirements, and keep a driver’s log.

Q4: Which driver job is best?

Ans: Here is a list of some Best Jobs for People Who Like Driving
Professional Race Car Drivers 
Automobile Transporter 
Tanker Driver
Tow Truck Driver 
Driving Instructor 
City Bus Driver
Truck Driver
Party Bus Driver

This is all the information about Truck Driver Salary in Germany. For more such information, stay in touch with Leverage Edu and follow our official page Jobs Abroad

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