An Overview Of Physician Salary In USA

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physician salary in usa

Being a physician in the healthcare industry in USA is a very noble profession. The job of a physician is a very steady profession with a good income along with plenty of opportunities. Physicians are in high demand in USA with the availability of career growth pathways. Salary is a very important factor when it comes to deciding upon a career. This blog is an outline of the physician salary in USA. 


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Average Physician Salary In USA On Monthly And Yearly Basis

The average annual salary of a physician in USA is 229,600 USD. The highest and lowest along with the monthly averages given below:

Average annual salary229,600 USD
Highest annual salary360,200 USD
Lowest annual salary114,600 USD
Average monthly salary19,133 USD
Highest monthly salary30,016 USD
Lowest monthly salary9,550 USD

The salary can vary from the average salary based on the experience level, education level, and certain other factors for an individual.

Average Physician Salary In USA Based On Experience

The salary range varies drastically depending on the experience. Higher experience comes with a higher salary, considering experience brings a lot of knowledge and precision to the work.

A 2 years of experience can get you a salary package which is 29% higher than that with no experience.

physician salary in usa

Average Physician Salary In USA Based On Education Level

The level of education majorly affects the pay range of an individual. The employees with a master’s degree are likely to earn much higher compared to the ones with a bachelor’s degree. 

  • The employees who have a bachelor’s level of educational qualification are expected to earn 25% more than that of an employee with a diploma-level education.
  • Whereas, employees with a master’s degree are likely to earn a 30% higher income compared to that of an employee with a bachelor’s level qualification.

Average Physician Salary In USA Based On Gender

The gender differences are slowly getting removed from the workplace considering the efforts being made. Despite the efforts, certain professions face differences in the level of pay when it comes to gender. In the profession of Physician in USA females are earning salary 5% lower than that of males.

Gender Salary 
Female 223,800 USD
Male 235,300 USD

Pay Raise and Bonus In USA for Physicians

  • Increment or pay raise is the annual increase in the salary of the employee made by the employer considering the performance and productivity of the employee. On average, the physicians in USA can be expected to get a 10% pay raise in every 12 months.  
  • The job of a physician is a high bones-based job. Around 85% of the total employees have reported receiving of bonus in USA. The average bonus that has been given to the physician ranges from 5% to 9%

Average Physician Salary In USA Compared Sector Vise

The salary of a physician varies based on the sector of work. The public or governmental sector pays around 6% of a higher salary compared to the private sector. Following is the average salary in both the sectors:

Sector Salary 
Public sector98,800 USD
Private sector 93,100 USD

Salary Of A Physician Compared To Other Similar Professions

The table with salaries of similar professions to that of a physician is given below for comparison:

Profession Salary in USD
Medical director223,700
Medical equipment preparer75,900
Medical insurance manager158,900
Nurse 78,200 
Nutrition Assistant75,800
Oncology specialist92,400
Optician 172,100
Oral Surgeon303,600
Pathology Assistant 74,100
Patient care manager140,200
Periodontist 258,700

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Salary Of A Physician Compared Based on Cities In USA

The salary of a physician varies based on the city of USA you are working in, The following is the salary of a physician in some cities of USA, for a comparison:

physician salary in usa


Are physicians in demand in USA?

Yes, physicians are in high demand in USA.

Is it good to be a physician in USA?

Yes, being a physician is a good career choice considering the stability of the job and earning potential.

Does the level of experience matter when applying for a physician job?

The level of experience plays a very important role when it comes to the salary decision. High experience fetches an employee a higher salary.

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