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gynecologist salary in USA

The field of gynaecology plays a crucial role in women’s healthcare, focusing on the female reproductive system and overall well-being. For those considering this rewarding career path, understanding salary expectations is a key factor. If you’re passionate about women’s health and considering a career in this field, this guide will provide a comprehensive overview of gynecologist jobs in the United States. Also, we will shed light on gynecologist salary in USA, exploring factors that influence them and providing a clear picture of what to expect.

How Much is a Gynecologist Paid in the USA?

If you are working in the United States as a gynecologist, you can earn around 267,200 USD on average per year, and on average per month, you can make around 22,266 USD. The lowest annual salary is around 134,100 USD, and the lowest monthly salary is 11,175 USD. On the other hand, the highest annual salary is around 415,100 USD, and the highest monthly salary is around 34,591 USD. 

The salary range can fluctuate based on different factors. In the below details, we have mentioned all the factors that influence the gynecologist salary in USA. 

Know About Various Professions and Their Average Salary In US

Gynecologist Salary in USA By Experience Level 

One of the major factors that affects your salary range is your level of experience. We have added the salary range of a gynecologist by their experience level in the United States:

gynecologist salary in USA

Gynecologist Salary in USA By Education Level 

Education is also a big factor that affects your salary if you are working as a gynecologist in the United States. We have added the salary range for gynecologists in the United States by education level: 

Education Level Average Salary Per Year 
Bachelor’s degree 59,500  USD
Master’s degree118,000 USD

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Gynecologist Salary in USA By Organisation

The organization is one of the other main factors that include your salary if you are working as a gynecologist in the United States. We have added the gynecologist salary in USA by organizations:

OrganizationAverage Salary Per Year 
GPHA2,17,369 USD
Fayette Specialty Associates2,95,876 USD
Marshfield Clinic3,12,842 USD
Sunset Community Health Center2,87,567 USD
Allegheny Health Network2,69,678 USD
MedStar Health2,77,56 USD
Luciano Sztulman MD2,87,132 USD
NorthReach Healthcare2,75,559 USD
Tjh Medical Services2,86,395 USD
Ashtabula County Medical Center2,68,554 USD
Women’s Health Center2,81,774 USD
Jameson Health System2,85,648 USD
Blair Medical Associates3,07,255 USD
Samaritan Medical Center2,45,699 USD
Mount Saint Mary’s Hospital and Health Center2,26,404 USD
Community Health Center La Clinica2,74,660 USD
Kaiser Permanente3,22,485 USD

Gynecologist Salary in USA By Cities 

The location determines the pay range in the United States. We have added the gynecologist salary range based on the cities: 

gynecologist salary in USA

Gynecologist Salary in USA By Positions 

Here we have added the highest-paying positions that help you earn a good salary in the United States. 

Positions Average Salary Per Year 
Gynecologist118,513 USD
Physician Gynecologist200,000 USD
Medical Doctor195,000 USD
Physician Obstetrician155,530 USD
Physician148,111 USD
Attending Physician192,754 USD
Primary Care Physician202,583 USD
Internal Medicine Physician277,443 USD
Dermatology Assistant37,698 USD
Family Medicine Physician269,579 USD 
Emergency Medicine Physician126,000 USD
X-ray Technician135,600 USD
Neurosurgeon2,52,634 USD

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Q1: What is the lowest salary of a Gynecologist?

Although wages for gynecologists on ZipRecruiter can reach as high as 302,979 USD and as low as 175,176 USD, most gynecologists now make between 246,700 USD (25th percentile) and 266,500 USD (75th percentile), with the highest earners (90th percentile) in California making 266,464 USD yearly.

Q2: Is being a gynecologist a good career?

Without a doubt, the program is renowned, rewarding, and career-focused. In the medical sciences, obstetrics and gynaecology are a profession that is constantly in demand. If you want to work in a medical field that deals with reproductive life, this course is the ideal option.

Q3: Does Gynaecology need NEET?

Yes, passing the NEET UG (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test Undergraduate) exam in India can lead to a career as a gynecologist. One can pursue an MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) degree from an accredited medical college after passing the NEET UG test.

This was all about the gynecologist salary in the US. If you are interested in reading more such content on salary, follow the Jobs Abroad page on the Leverage Edu website. 

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