Ethical Hacker Salary In USA In 2024: Structured Description 

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Ethical Hacker Salary In USA

USA is the country that faces the second-highest number of cyber-attacks leading to a higher number of openings for positions of Ethical hackers. The job comes with good credibility, scope of growth, and a great salary potential. The hacker’s job is of high responsibility but also gives you an interesting life. If you are a certified ethical hacker in the USA, sure there is a good job waiting for you or you might also be in demand. But, before you take up that job let’s first see about the Ethical hacker salary in the USA and know if you are offered the right amount.  

Learn how to Build a Career in Ethical Hacking

Ethical Hacker Salary In USA On Average

An ethical hacker in the USA earns a pretty rewarding amount of salary. The following are the averages given every year:

  • The average salary is 80,900 USD per year
  • The average highest salary is 123,000 USD per year
  • The average lowest salary is 42,800 USD per year

To give you a better understanding, the salary every month is also given below:

  • The average salary is 6,741 USD per month
  • The average highest salary is 10,250 USD per month
  • The average lowest salary is 3,566 USD per month

Your salary as an ethical hacker might differ from the averages mentioned above as the salary at an individual level is decided based on many factors like education, experience, gender, etc.

Ethical Hacker Salary In USA Based On Level Of Experience

The level of experience is the most important factor that creates the differences in the levels of salary of different individuals. Experience years determines the level of expertise the individual has in the field and the proficiency in the skills, therefore people with higher experience are paid a higher amount of salary. If you have experience of ethical hacking of 2-5 years, you can expect to earn a 23% higher salary.

Ethical Hacker Salary

Here is how you can Know about various professions and their average salary in the USA

Ethical Hacker Salary In USA In Different Sectors

The private and public sectors are seen to have a certain level of difference in the average pay of the employees in most of the professions. For the job of Ethical hackers, the public sector is likely to pay 6% higher salary to the employees compared to the private sector.

Sector Salary Per Year
Private sector93,100 USD
Public sector 98,800 USD

Ethical Hacker Salary In USA Based On Level Of Education

The level of education is another important factor that helps determine the level of salary. A highly qualified individual is expected to have a higher level of knowledge in the subject and high proficiency in work productivity. With the help of a master’s degree, you earn around 43% higher salary when compared to that with a bachelor’s degree. The following table will be able to give more clarity:

Educational QualificationSalary Per Year
Diploma or Certificate61,400 USD
Bachelor’s Degree78,200 USD
Master’s Degree111,700 USD

Ethical Hacker Salary In USA In Different Cities

The different cities of the same countries pay an average salary for the same profession with a slight difference in ratio. To learn which cities pay the better range of salary and are best to work in, let’s compare the salaries of cities in the USA with the help of the following image:

Ethical Hacker Salary

Details about CEH: Understanding certified ethical hacker

Ethical Hacker Salary In USA Compared To Similar Professions

To get a better understanding of the ethical hacker salary in the USA and see if it lies in the scale of the good pay range, let us compare the average salary of an ethical hacker to certain other similar professions in the same industry with the help of the following table:

Profession Salary Per Year
Android developer87,300 USD
Application developer95,000 USD
Blockchain associate94,800 USD
Business intelligence analyst99,700 USD
Change administrator 87,200 USD
Computer programmer96,800 USD
Database analyst92,600 USD
Java developer99,600 USD
Network analyst83,800 USD
Network support specialist72,400 USD
Program lead114,900 USD
IT engineer 81,300 USD


Is it good to be an ethical hacker in the USA?

Yes, the job of an ethical hacker is pretty rewarding in the USA. the openings are high, skilled hackers are always in demand. The jobs provide you with good pay, life balance, growth opportunities and exposure that can help you in your career development ahead.

What is the pay raise that can be expected as an ethical hacker in the USA?

The pay raise is pretty fine in the industry of cybersecurity. Ethical hackers are getting one of the higher pay raises in the industry. The average pay raise that an ethical hacker can expect is 7% for every 12 months. However, the pay raise will completely depend upon your performance and employer and can vary from the average.

Is there any difference in the ethical hacker’s salary at the gender level?

Yes, there is a certain difference in the ratio of male and female pay in the job role of ethical hacker in the USA. the males in the industry earn a 3% higher salary when compared to the women in the same profession.

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