Structure Of Copywriter Salary In UK In 2024

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Copywriter Salary In UK

If you are looking for a job in copywriting the UK is the right place for you. The demand for copywriters never dies as every company needs writers and copywriters for several functions. The job in itself is a very comfortable profession and gives the employees control in their own hands. The flexibility and stability it provides make it a preferred profession. As far as the salary is concerned, the job can pay a decent amount for a good life. Let’s learn about the Copywriter salary in UK In depth through this blog.

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Average Copywriter Salary In UK

The average salary of fixed-salaried employees in the profession of copywriting is 64,800 GBP. The following are the highest and lowest salary factors:

  • The highest average salary of a copywriter in the UK is 99,700 GBP per annum
  • The lowest average salary of a copywriter in the UK is 30,600 GBP per annum

To get a better understanding of the salary, the following is the average monthly salary:

  • The average monthly salary of a copywriter in the UK is 5,400 GBP per month
  • The highest average salary of a copywriter in the UK is 8,308 GBP per month
  • The lowest average salary of a copywriter in the UK is 2,550 GBP per month  

Copywriter Salary In UK Based On Experience Level 

The salary at the individual level is decided upon various factors, experience being the most important out of which. The level of experience determines the level of knowledge and skills the individual holds. Higher experienced individuals gain a higher level of salary considering the years of work. A mere 2-5 years of experience can fetch an individual salary package 29% higher than before. The following image will help you gain more insight into the salary corresponding to the number of years.

Copywriter Salary In UK

Copywriter Salary In UK Based On Education Level

The level of education is another important factor that determines the salary of an employee in any industry. The higher educated individuals are expected to earn higher salary packages due to higher subject knowledge. An individual with a bachelor’s level education can expect to earn around 35% of a higher salary compared to a diploma holder.

Educational Qualification Salary Per Year
High School45,900 GBP
Diploma 53,600 GBP
Bachelor’s Degree70,600 GBP
Master’s Degree92,300 GBP

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Copywriter Salary In UK In Different Sectors

Different sectors in the country show differences in the average pay of individuals. The public sector pays a higher amount of salary when compared to the private sector. In the profession of copywriters, the difference in pay is seen to be around 7%. 

Sector Salary Per Year
Public sector 72,700 GBP
Private sector68,200 GBP

Copywriter Salary In UK In Different Cities

The average pay for copywriters in different cities in UK is different. To know which cities are best to work in and have higher scope and rewards for the copywriters let’s see salaries in different cities with the help of the following image. 

Copywriter Salary In UK

Copywriter Salary In UK Compared To Similar Professions

To get an even clearer look at the copywriter’s salary and understand if it is good enough let us compare it with other similar professions in the same industry. The following table contains other similar professions to copywriter and their average pay:

Profession Salary Per Year
Artist 68,200 GBP
Assistant Editor 53,300 GBP
Content writer64,400 GBP
Content copywriter65,800 GBP
Photographer 54,300 GBP
Media planner68,400 GBP
Proofreader 54,600 GBP
Publisher 67,000 GBP
Technical writer 60,800 GBP
Reporter 84,800 GBP

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What is the average pay raise expected in the job of a copywriter in the UK?

The pay raise is completely dependent on the performance of the employee and the employer’s will. However, the average pay raise a copywriter can expect in the UK is 8% every 12 months.

Is there any difference in the pay of men and women copywriters in the UK?

Yes, there is a pay difference between men and women copywriters. The women copywriters in the UK earn 6% of the lower salary package compared top men in the same industry.

Is copywriting a good job in the UK?

Yes, the job of a copywriter is good as it gives the individual the ease and comfort the employees desire. The job is very flexible and provides stability along with career growth and decent pay.

This was all about the Copywriter Salary In UK. To read more about such informative blogs on jobs and salary-related topics follow Jobs Abroad. To learn about studying abroad, follow Leverage Edu.

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