Top Highest Paying Aerospace Engineering Jobs Abroad 2024

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Highest Paying Aerospace Engineering Jobs

Every technical sector where air interacts with a product—racing cars, high-end fans, windmills, etc.—benefits greatly from the contributions of aerospace engineers. One of the sectors in the world with the highest growth is aerospace, which is currently at a turning point. Owing to the growing interest in space exploration and air travel, these fields demand a high degree of academic and professional proficiency. The demand for qualified and experienced aerospace engineers will increase in the near future due to the industry’s exponential growth rate. In this complete article, we will help you to the highest paying aerospace engineering jobs that are available in 2024.


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10 Highest Paying Aerospace Engineer Jobs To Consider

Most of the best Highest Paying Aerospace Engineering Jobs are paid best abroad. That’s why aerospace engineering is one of the most demanding fields of engineering abroad such as the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, USA, Canada and many more. 

Here is a list of the Top 10 Aerospace Engineering Jobs With The Highest Paying salary. For authenticity, we have incorporated data from reputable job databases such as Indeed Glassdoor, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, and others.

  • Flight Operations Specialist
  • Aeronautical Engineer
  • Aircraft Engineer
  • Aerospace Stress Engineer
  • Aviation Engineer
  • Propulsion Systems Engineer
  • Aerodynamics Engineer
  • Spacecraft Systems Engineer
  • Flight Test Engineer
  • Thermodynamics Engineer

Flight Operations Specialist

The flight operations specialist makes sure every aircraft is prepared and safe to fly. Making sure the pilots have everything they need to fly the aircraft safely is part of this. The flight operations specialist also takes care of any paperwork related to flight operations and keeps the aircraft logbook up to date.

United States $55,193 per year 
United Kingdom £50,500  per year 
Australia $167,854 per year 
Canada CA$75,775 per  year

Aeronautical Engineer

Engineers with expertise in aviation create and design spacecraft and aircraft. Prototypes are also tested to make sure they are secure enough to fly. Within this domain, career options include jet propulsion, power systems, navigation and control systems, and aircraft construction.

United States $101,288 per year
United Kingdom £79,740 per year
Australia $96,830 per year 
Canada CA$138,437 per year 

Aircraft Engineer

The lifeblood of aviation is its aircraft engineers. These engineers create innovative designs and technological advancements for helicopters, airplanes, and other aerospace vehicles. In order to make sure that current designs fulfill safety requirements and function as intended, they also assess them. When a design contains errors or difficulties, aircraft engineers collaborate with other engineers in their organization or with external specialists to fix them. 

United States $126,582 per year
United Kingdom £58,991 per year
Australia A$85,000 per year 
Canada CA$55,598 per year 

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Aerospace Stress Engineer

The structural integrity of spacecraft and aeroplanes is evaluated by aerospace stress engineers. Additionally, they create methods for anticipating and minimizing strains placed on a spacecraft or aeroplane during flight.

United States $93,126 per year 
United Kingdom £85,800 per year
Australia A$135,000 per year 
Canada CA$141,375 per year 

Aviation Engineer

To develop aeroplanes, aviation engineers apply their knowledge of flying, aerodynamics, and mechanics. They concentrate on the investigation and creation of fresh ideas that will raise the efficiency or security of aircraft in the future. Structural calculations and wind tunnel testing are just two examples of the several steps in the design process.

United States $101,288 per year 
United Kingdom £50,540 per year
Australia A$101,250 per year
Canada CA$83,972 per year

Propulsion Systems Engineer

Propulsion engineers are in charge of creating and evaluating various engine parts, such as gas generators, turbines, and blade assemblies. In addition, they develop and test spacecraft, rocket, and missile propulsion systems.

United States $122,519  per year
United Kingdom £71,342 per year
Australia A$121,310 per year
Canada CA$81,248 per year

Aerodynamics Engineer

The task of creating and evaluating the aerodynamic characteristics of aeroplanes, missiles, and other vehicles falls to aerodynamics engineers. They might also be asked to assess the viability of brand-new designs or changes to already-existing cars.

United States $94,162 per year 
United Kingdom £60,000  per year 
Australia A$167,058 per year 
Canada CA$88,044 per year 

Spacecraft Systems Engineer

A spacecraft system engineer conducts analysis and creates simulations. In order to complete projects, they collaborate with teams and produce design documentation. They must also continue to have cordial interactions with clients.

United States $124,441 per year
United Kingdom £67,300 per year.
Australia A$115,000 per year 
Canada CA$87,785 per year

Flight Test Engineer

Spacecraft and aircraft are put through safety testing by flight test engineers. Making sure every system is operating properly is part of this. New technologies intended for aviation usage are also tested by them.

United States $122,375 per year
United Kingdom £73,888 per year 
Australia A$135,000 per year 
Canada CA$84,810 per year

Thermodynamics Engineer

Engineers with expertise in thermodynamics are vital to the aerospace sector. They design and build temperature control systems for launch vehicles, spacecraft, missiles, and aeroplanes using their understanding of thermodynamic systems.

United States $115,864 per year.
United Kingdom £90,403 per year
Australia A$172,550 per year
Canada CA$97,417

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Which country has the highest demand for aerospace engineers?

The United States of America (USA) USA is the home to NASA and various aerospace companies which makes it the best place to pursue aerospace engineering.

Does NASA hire foreign aerospace engineers?

NASA primarily hires U.S. citizens, but there are occasional opportunities for non-U.S. citizens with specific qualifications or through international collaborations.

What is the best job for an Aeronautical Engineer?

Aeronautical engineers can work as Racing Car designers, Graduate Engineer trainees, Flight Mechanics engineers, Aircraft Production engineers, Assistant aircraft engineers, Assistant Technical officers Air safety officers and space scientists in government organizations.

Is Aeronautical Engineer in demand in Canada?

Due to the high demand, new job opportunities are opening for aerospace engineers. From 2022 to 2031, 14,600 new jobs will be available for aerospace engineers, and around 18,100 new job seekers are expected to fill these positions

This was all about Highest Paying Aerospace Engineering Jobs Abroad 2024. For more updated blogs on jobs and salary follow Leverage Edu

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