KMAT Preparation 2024: Tips, Best Books, Mock tests

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KMAT serves as an examination which is conducted every year for admitting students into AICTE-approved university-affiliated self-financing colleges in Karnataka. This is therefore the right time to begin the KMAT Preparation for those who are looking to apply for the exam his year. Karnataka Management Aptitude Test or KMAT Karnataka is an entrance examination to check test the aptitude of students in Management for admissions in MBA, PGDM and MCA courses. In order to facilitate education and admit students to post-graduation courses the authorities ensure that the best students come on board and take the legacy of these disciplines forward. 

Exam Name Karnataka Management Aptitude Test (KMAT)
Conducting Body Karnataka Post Graduate Private Colleges’ Association (KPPGCA)
Exam LevelState Level
Exam Frequency Annual 
Mode of Examination Remote Proctored Test 
Application FeesINR 800 
Exam Duration2 Hours
Test Slots10:00 am to 12:00 pm and 02:00 pm to 04:00 pm
Courses Offered MBA, PGDM and MCA
Exam DateLast Week of July 2023
Official Website

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How to Prepare for KMAT?

KMAT Exam Preparation should ideally begin at least 3 months before the date of examination. The candidates can refer to the dates of examinations from the previous years to get a rough idea of the recent examination dates. The preparation is more relaxed when it starts approximately 6 months before the examination. 

If the candidates have been studying the same subject in Graduation years and are familiar with most of the syllabus a month of preparation would also suffice. It is essential to know the preparation tips, examination features and syllabus before starting to prepare. 

Exam Mode Home Proctored Test
Number of Questions120
Question TypeMCQ
Sections 3
Marks per Question 1
Total Marks120 
Syllabus for Management Course Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension, Quantitative AbilityLogical Reasoning

KMAT Preparation Tips

To start the KMAT Exam Preparation the candidates need to follow a strategy and some general tips to ace the scores in the Karnataka Management Aptitude Test. Here are some tips for KMAT Preparation. 

  1. Choose how to study. The time when a student decides to sit for this examination, the first thing they need to choose is their mode of learning. One can opt for self-preparation or go for coaching classes for the same. 
  2. In the case of coaching classes, the candidates have to start preparing when the coaching starts. If going for self-studies the preparation must begin based on the candidate’s familiarity with the syllabus. 
  3. The candidates must screen through the syllabus and identify their strengths as well as weak areas. The dedicated time for each arena will depend on this analysis. 
  4. Candidates must not forget to practice the topics that they have prior knowledge about. Being out of practice or speed might make them lose marks. 
  5. The candidates are advised to keep themselves updated with the latest syllabus, books and practice papers. Use of the latest editions of the books for KMAT preparation is ideal. 
  6. Strategise the studying plan by including both books and mock tests/sample papers/previous year’s question papers. 
  7. Practice the language section by inculcating it in daily habits like reading newspapers and articles
  8. Practice more questions on sections which require more time in solving like data interpretation to improve the speed of solving questions. 
  9. Prepare a timetable for the KMAT Exam preparation including breaks and recreational activities and abide by it. 
  10. Always make notes while learning a topic or solving a difficult problem to remember the important points and get back to them whenever necessary. 

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KMAT Preparation Strategy 

The preparation time required depends on the candidate’s familiarity with the subject and the various topics included in it. The more proficient one is in the topics given, the more time one saves on preparation. Sometimes the time left for KMAT Preparation is restricted for the candidates in such a case the candidates can follow the given strategies. 

6 Months Strategy to Crack KMAT 

Here are the ways to devise the 6-month strategy to crack KMAT.

  1. Devise a well Structured plan and month-wise timetable for the KMAT Exam Preparation. 
  2. Give each topic a week to learn and prepare at the beginning of the preparation. 
  3. Practice the Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension or VARC section daily by reading Magazines, watching English content or listening to English Podcasts. 
  4. After learning the important topics in the syllabus practice mock tests and Sample papers first. 
  5. Make notes from the beginning of preparation and reserve time to revise them regularly one month before the examination. 
  6. Refer to the Mathematics syllabus of Class 9 to Class 12 to start preparing for the Mathematics Section on easier terms. 
  7. Devise tricks for lengthy questions by skipping unnecessary steps and practising them. The evaluation is only for the final answer and the candidates must focus on getting the right answer in time. 
  8. Look for fun ways to solve problems related to mathematics or logical reasoning. There are games, puzzles and riddles etc that can help. 

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3 Months Strategy to Crack KMAT

Here are some tips to ace your scores within 3 months. 

  1. Focus most of your time on dedicated topics. 
  2. Allot weekly time to the VARC Section and revision of what has been covered yet. 
  3. Prepare a Hybrid timetable to avoid getting saturated in a topic while studying for long hours. 
  4. Candidates should start preparing with Sample papers and Mock tests early and mark themselves for each test based on the marking scheme. 
  5. Note the time taken to completely solve each test paper and try to improve the speed accordingly. 
  6. The last month must be completely reserved for revision and practice. 
  7. The candidates must differentiate the questions based on their level of difficulty and practice accordingly. 
  8. Devise and practice multiple ways to solve and get an answer to be precise and accurate. 
  9. At the end of the preparation, the candidate must focus on time management and accuracy of getting the answers right. 
  10. The candidates can easily aim for 95% marks with 3 months of strategised practice. 

1 Month Strategy to Crack KMAT

Here are some ways for KMAT Exam Preparation to get the best scores within a month. 

  1. If one has started preparing for the KMAT Test just one month before the examination then they must divide the syllabus into topics they know and the topics that they don’t know. 
  2. The known section is to be straightaway practised through questions and the unknown sections can be given a week and then practised through questions. 
  3. VARC section should be practised on a daily basis with questions to increase the speed of solving the tests. 
  4. Candidates must mark themselves for each test and compare timing, score and which section needs more practice. 

Section-wise preparation strategy 

The Section-Wise preparation strategy helps in devising plans to prepare for each section separately. It is possible that the candidate might be proficient in one section but lacks knowledge, practice or preparation in another section. For such situations devising a section-wise preparation strategy is the best option. 

Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension 

The main questions in this section are Reading Comprehension, idioms, synonyms & antonyms, analogies, one word for many, match the list, critical reasoning and para jumbles. To prepare well for the section the applicant can practice the following strategy.

  1. Practice vocabulary on a daily basis. 
  2. The use of proper Grammar books can help analyse the questions based on the given topics. 
  3. Reading newspapers, magazines and books in English with different publications and authors can really help. 
  4. Keep practising the Reading Comprehension Passages from different topics daily. 
  5. At the end of the KMAT preparation timeline, the candidates should practice sample papers and the previous year’s question papers for the VARC section. 

Quantitative Ability

The Quantitative Ability or the QA section is an analysis of the candidate’s aptitude in Mathematical principles like algebra, arithmetics and geometry. The candidates can devise the following methods to prepare for this section. 

  1. Learn the formulas while applying them continually to different equations or questions. 
  2. Jargonism of terminologies or complex formulas will not be much help, the candidates should instead practice questions by understanding their intent and solving questions with different approaches. 
  3. Have a clear understanding of all basic formulas and concepts and try to analyse each question in these terms. 
  4. Practice many questions to improve the speed and accuracy of each type of question. 
  5. Always analyse the mock tests and mark the test papers based on the marking scheme. 
  6. Make a guidebook of all formulas and concepts and revise them on a regular basis. 

Logical Reasoning

To improve scores in the section of Logical Reasoning or LR the candidates should keep their minds clear for comprehension of data and follow the points mentioned below. 

  1. Logic is often simpler and while solving LR-based questions the candidates must pay emphasis to simple Logic in their answers.
  2. The main topics of the LR Questions in the test are Blood Relations, Syllogisms, Coding and Decoding, Puzzles on seating arrangement and Data Arrangement.
  3. Practice questions from each of these sections to improve the chances of scoring better. 
  4. Refer and learn from the pattern of questions from the previous year’s question papers. 
  5. Refer to books on Logical Reasoning to understand the concept of answering better. 

Best Books for KMAT Preparation

There are many Books to prepare for the KMAT examination. It is essential that the candidates refer to books that cover all 3 sections of the KMAT Question Paper or have different books for different sections. Section-wise books for KMAT preparation are given below.  

Overall KMAT Preparation Books Author
Cracking the MBA Admissions Interview and GD: The Ten-KMAT ApproachDhruv Nath 
Karnataka Management Aptitude Test Chandresh Agarwal
MBA Mock Tests and Sample PapersBS Sijwalii
Karnataka KMAT Complete Reference Book Praxis Groups
KMAT Karnataka Management Aptitude Test: MBA and MCAVVK Subburaj
VARC KMAT Preparation BooksAuthor
The Pearson Guide to Verbal Ability and Logical ReasoningNishant K. Sinha
How to Prepare for Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension for CATArun Sharma and Meenakshi Upadhyay
Word Power Made EasyNorman Lewis
High School English Grammar & CompositionWren and Martin
QA KMAT Preparation BooksAuthor
How to Prepare for Data Interpretation for CATArun Sharma
Quantitative Aptitude for the CATNishant K Sinha
Quantitative Aptitude for All Competitive ExaminationsAbhijit Guha 
Quantitative AptitudeR.S. Aggarwal
LR KMAT Preparation BooksAuthor
A Modern Approach to Logical ReasoningRS Aggarwal
How to Prepare for Logical ReasoningArun Sharma
Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation for the CATNishit K Sinha

Mock Tests and Sample Papers

The mock tests and sample papers are also available at the shops where the books for KMAT preparation are available. Mock tests help the candidates analyze their work and progress properly. Students can download the previous year’s question papers from the examination website or call the rightful admission authorities for the same.  


How to prepare for the KMAT Exam in Karnataka?

The best way to prepare for KMAT Karnataka is to start 6 months before the exam with the preparation of a strategy and timetable. Then the candidates should avail of the best books to prepare for KMAT Exam, learn and practice throughout the preparation time and revise during the end. 

Which book is best for KMAT preparation?

The best books to prepare for KMAT are 1. Cracking the MBA Admissions Interview and GD: The Ten-KMAT Approach by Dhruv Nath 2. Karnataka Management Aptitude Test by Chandresh Aggarwal 3. MBA Mock Tests and Sample Papers by BS Sijwalii 4. Karnataka KMAT Complete Reference Book by Praxis Groups 5. KMAT Karnataka Management Aptitude Test: MBA and MCA by VVK Subburaj. 

How to score good marks in KMAT?

To Score good marks in KMAT Exam the students should devise a preparation strategy, and avail themselves of the latest books, preparation guides, sample papers and previous question papers. The examinee should also start preparing early and reserve the last month for revision and improvement in time management and accuracy. 

What is the syllabus for KMAT Exam?

KMAT Examination consists of 3 main sections namely Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension, Quantitative Ability and Logical Reasoning. 

On top of all this, the applicant must always be aware of the latest dates, improvements, application and examination procedures for the exam. For more updates check out our Indian Exams page, and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter

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