NCERT Solution of Maths Class 9

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The curriculum for mathematics for class 9th comprises a bunch of important chapters that will help students get familiar with the right dose of the field before they enter higher-level classes. In this blog, we have devised the NCERT solution of maths class 9 for all the 15 chapters. So, let us get started with the blog and ace all the important concepts of class 9 mathematics. 

Chapter 1- Number System 

The journey of class 9 mathematics begins introduction to various types of numbers as rational and irrational. various types of representation of numbers on number line will be taught to the students through this chapter. Along with this, the chapter also includes exercises on square roots and representation of non-rational numbers on number line. 

Complete Notes on Number System Class 9!

Chapter 2- Polynomials

This chapter is a discussion of a specific type of algebraic expression named as polynomial. Students will be made familiar with various operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division as well as exponents of these polynomials. Theorems like remainder theorem and factor theorem are also a part of this chapter. 

Class 9 Polynomials Study Notes

Chapter 3-Coordinate Geometry

The chapter on coordinate geometry, introduces students with the concept of co-ordinate plane for the very first time. You will get a hold of concepts like x-coordinate, y-coordinate quadrants, abscissa, ordinate as well as plotting a graph in the xy plane. 

Class 9 Constructions and Coordinate Geometry

Chapter 4- Linear Equations in Two Variables

Next mention in our list of NCERT solution of maths class 9 is the chapter on linear equations in two variables. Advancing the knowledge of linear equations in one variable this chapter will introduce you to methods for solving varied two variable equations. 

Linear Equations in Two Variables Study Notes

Chapter 5- Introduction of Euclid’s Geometry 

Throughout the fifth chapter, euclid’s approach to solving various geometrical situations will be seen. You will learn to define common geometrical shapes through the axioms and postulates derived by Euclid. 

Euclid’s Geometry Class 9 Study Notes

Chapter 6- Lines and Angles 

Considered as one of the most interesting chapters of class 9 mathematics, this one involves the use of various theorems to prove relations between lines and angles. The chapter consists of three exercises which include 4 axioms and 8 theorems.

Class 9 Lines And Angles NCERT Notes

Chapter 7- Triangles

Concepts like congruence of triangles, properties of triangles, inequalities of triangles along with rules of congruency are a part of this chapter. The chapter entails various properties related to triangles through which students will learn to solve application based problems. 

Chapter 8- Quadrilaterals 

In the NCERT solution of maths class 9 for this chapter, concepts right from the basic definition of quadrilaterals to a bunch of axioms and theorems proving its relations with other figures are taught. Properties of a parallelogram, types of quadrilaterals and angle sum property are some of the fundamental topics of this chapter. 

Chapter 9- Areas of Parallelograms and Triangles 

Via the use of certain interesting theorems, students will learn about the relationship between common geometrical figures such as triangles and parallelograms. In addition to this, students will also get to learn about the similarity of triangles. 

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Chapter 10- Circles 

This increasing chapter covers a wide range of subtopics such as equal chords, angle subtended by a chord, distance from the centre, arc of a circle, angle subtended by an arc, cyclic quadrilateral and so on. In total, there are six exercises in this chapter. 

Circles Class 9 Study Notes

Chapter 11- Constructions

The NCERT solution of maths class 9 for the construction chapter will enlighten students regarding how they can curate geometrical figures by following some simple steps. 

Class 9 Constructions and Coordinate Geometry

Chapter 12- Heron’s Formula 

In this chapter, students will be taught to calculate the area of a triangle when the measurement of all the three sides is given using the heron’s formula. By practicing the heron’s formula, students will be able to calculate the area of various figures and polygons. 

Class 9 Maths- Heron’s Formula Study Notes

Chapter 13- Surface Area and Volumes 

Your horizon will broaden up through this chapter as it aims to guide you about calculating surface areas and volumes of various figures such as cuboids, cylinders, cones and cubes. Known as an extension to the chapter of mensuration, it consists of eight exercises. 

Chapter 14- Statistics

Statistics is a popular branch of mathematics and in the NCERT solution of maths class 9 for this chapter, you will take a tour on the same. Representation of data in various sorts such as graph, pie charts and frequencies will be taught to students. Along with this, amazing emphasis will be on the concepts like mean, median and mode. 

Statistics Class 9 Maths Study Notes

Chapter 15- Probability 

The concluding chapter of class 9 mathematics is on the probability that aims to equip us with certain formulae through which we can measure particular outcomes from an experiment. 

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