Study Tips to Improve Your English Before Studying Abroad

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Study tips to improve your english before studying abroad

As English is a globally recognised language and many top universities in the world have English-taught courses, English language skills are by far the most necessary skills required to study abroad. If you are planning to study abroad, you may also have to brush up on your English language skills. This can be slightly challenging for non-native people, however,  with consistent practice, you will be able to hone your skills without any problem. 

Tips to Improve Your English 

The following are the ways through which you can effectively improve your English skills:

Reading Books or Newspapers

Study Tips to Improve Your English Before Studying Abroad - Reading books and newspapers

Reading books or newspapers is one of the most effective ways to improve your English skills and will also help you improve your writing skills. Having a reading habit will not only improve your understanding of the English language but will also influence the way you frame sentences while speaking since you will tend to make them similar to what you have read before. Enriching your vocabulary is another benefit of reading. You can choose to read any book, depending on your choice of genre. The main focus is to adapt the flow of language as you read. 

Listening to Podcasts

Study Tips to Improve Your English Before Studying Abroad - Listening to podcast

In recent times, podcasts have gained a lot of popularity for entertainment and educational reasons. You can use podcasts as a language-learning tool. You can choose any material for listening; combining entertainment with learning would make it even more enjoyable. This will help you comprehend how native English speakers converse with each other and how native speakers pronounce certain words in their specific accents. Listening to podcasts will also improve your understanding of certain topics like the culture, art, business, and lifestyle of a particular country and will prepare you for the same before you leave to study abroad.

Developing a Writing Habit

Study Tips to Improve Your English Before Studying Abroad - Developing a writing habit

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Developing a writing habit will polish your English writing skills and improve your grammatical understanding as well. Writing will help you organise your thoughts and structure them well. You can also choose to write a daily journal, which will help you manage your thoughts well and give you a chance to practise your writing every day. Via journal writing, you can share your thoughts or just pen them down, and it can act as a stress buster for students who wish to study abroad.

Watch Movies and Series

Study Tips to Improve Your English Before Studying Abroad - Watch movies and shows

And if conventional ways are too mundane for learning, you can always choose to stream a movie or series in English to improve your English language skills. Listening to the dialogues will help you improve your understanding of the language and will encourage you to speak in a similar way. It is recommended that you watch the content with subtitles on so that you can equip yourself with a better understanding of English grammar and its essential components, such as prepositions, punctuation, adverbs, verbs, etc. There is some great content available on OTT platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime for you to watch and improve your English language skills before studying abroad. 

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Enroll in a Foundational Program


It is one of the easiest ways to improve your English before studying abroad. Many international universities and schools offer both online and offline foundation programs. A lot of international students enrol in foundation programmes before the commencement of their study program. Each university has its own foundation program which can last anywhere from 8 weeks to 13 weeks. Students are given various assignments and projects in English to prepare them for their specific courses. They focus on all aspects of the English language, including speaking skills for students who do not feel confident in speaking English. These programmes are ideal for international students to get an idea of the academic requirements before the commencement of their study program. 

Well, we hope that we were able to provide you with some tips to improve your English before studying abroad. For more such updates, follow Leverage Edu . You can also read foundational or pathway programs in New Zealand

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