What is the Full Form of UNHRC?

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UNHRC full form

The full form of UNHRC is the United Nations Human Rights Council. It is a subsidiary organ and an integral part of the UN General Assembly which seeks to protect human rights around the world. The UNHRC was formed on the 15th of March, 2006 with its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. Furthermore, there are currently 47 members with Omar Zniber of Morocco elected as the President of UNHRC on the 10th of January, 2024.      

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What is the Main Purpose of UNHRC?

The main purpose of the UNHRC is to address situations of human rights violations and make recommendations on how to improve them. Additionally, this includes responding to emergencies, investigating potential violations, and promoting the implementation of human rights standards around the globe.

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What is the Role of UNHRC?

Furthermore, the Role of UNHRC is as follows:

  • Forum for dialogue: It provides a platform for member states, non-governmental organizations, and other stakeholders to discuss human rights issues and concerns.
  • Investigative body: The Council can launch investigations into alleged human rights violations and appoint independent experts to gather information and report back.
  • Recommendations and resolutions: Based on its findings, the UNHRC can issue recommendations to governments and other actors on how to address human rights violations and improve their human rights record.

Structural Overview of UNHRC

  • The UN General Assembly elects 47 members of the UNHRC. 
  • The members of the council serve a period of three years. Moreover, they are ineligible for re-election after serving two consecutive terms.  
  • The UNGA is equipped with the power to suspend the rights of any member if it has been violating human rights during its tenure.
  • This suspension comes with a 2/3 majority. 

The seats are distributed among the UN regional groups in the following manner:

Country No of seats 
Africa 13
Asia 13
Eastern Europe6
Latin America 8
Caribbean 8
Western Europe7
Other Groups 7
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