What is the Full Form of UNI?

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UNI full form

The Full Form of UNI is the United News of India. UNI is a news agency that offers news in different languages such as English, Hindi, Urdu, and Kannada. Its motto is “Brevity, Accuracy, Speed” with which it aims to deliver news. Furthermore, UNI became a multilingual news agent once it began UNIVARTA which provides Hindi news. Moreover, UNI is presently the second-largest news agency in the country with Mr. Sagar Mukhopadhyay as UNI’s Chairman.

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Fascinating Fact! UNI is the first as well as the only news agency in the world to provide news in Urdu from 1992! 

What is the History of UNI?

Now that we know about the full form of UNI, let’s read about its history.

  • UNI was founded on the 19th of December, 1959 by Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy. 
  • It so happened as the Press Trust of India(PTI) wanted another news agency to fact-check their work. Still, even with the backing of the PTI, UNI collapsed. 
  • Later, leading newspapers such as Deccan Herald, The Times of India, Hindustan Times, The Hindu, The Statesman, Hindustan Standard, Aryavarta, and Amrita Bazar Patrika came together to support UNI. UNI’s operations commercially began on the 21st of March, 1961. 

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What are the Notable Works of UNI?

The full form and history of UNI are followed by its notable works which include:

  • In 1968, UNI provided weekly current affairs news which gave in-depth knowledge that was well-documented. 
  • Additionally, UNI introduced agricultural features and news services in the year 1970, which promoted agricultural journalism
  • In 1971, UNI Airmail News Service appointed a science correspondent who worked full-time, which was a first of its kind. 
  • Moreover, in February 1976, at the behest of Indira Gandhi during the National Emergency, who wanted a single news agency, ‘Samachar’ was formed. 
  • ‘Samachar’ included the top four news agencies at that time, which were Samachar Bharati, Hindustan Samachar, PTI, and UNI. 
  • Furthermore, UNIFIN, UNI’s Financial Services was launched in 1979 to give news related to NASDAQ and the Wall Street to Asian and European countries. 
  • UNI Graphics, a news Photo service was the first of its kind in 1987. 
  • UNIVARTA, a Hindi news service was brought about in May 1982. 
  • Consequently, on the 5th of June 1992, the Urdu news service began. 
  • At present, UNI has news agreements with Xinhua, Sputnik, and Qatar News Agency(QNA). 
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