What is the Full Form of OPD?

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OPD Full Form

The full form of OPD is Outpatient Department. This unit of a hospital is the primary point of contact between patients and doctors. OPD of any healthcare facility is usually built on the ground floor of the building for the convenience of patients. 

Each OPD unit is segregated into different specialisations, viz; Department of General Medicine, Department of Orthopedics, Department of Neurology, Department of Gynaecology, Department of Oncology, Department of Urology, Department of Cardiology, Department of Psychiatry, ENT Department, etc. A patient suffering from specific diseases or discomfort in certain organs visits the concerned section of the OPD of a hospital to get consultation and treatment. 

Advantages of OPD

Listed below are some of the advantages of the Outpatient Department:

  • It serves as the initial point of medical consultation.
  • It has facilities for X-rays, pathology, and other tests that are essential to determine the disease or disorder in a patient.
  • Test reports are readily available in an OPD.
  • The availability of specialised doctors in multiple branches of medicine helps distressed persons seek consultation from medical professionals of varied fields.
  • Treatment and consultation provided in OPD are administered and controlled in a systematic manner. 

Difference between Outpatient and Inpatient

Tabulated below are the basic differences between outpatient and inpatient facilities in a healthcare facility:

An outpatient is a distressed individual who gets medical care for a few hours without being hospitalised.An inpatient is a sick or injured person who needs to be admitted overnight to a healthcare entity for at least one day. 
The outpatient facility is available at hospitals and clinics. An inpatient facility is available at hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics. 

Other Full Form of OPD

Here is a list of other full forms of OPD:

  • Once Per Day
  • Ocean Physics Department
  • Official Path Difference
  • Office of Public Defence
  • Original Pack Dispensing
  • Office of Public Defence
  • Over Pressure Device

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