Time Taken by Chandrayaan-3 to Reach the Moon

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Time Taken by Chandrayaan-3 to Reach the Moon

Chandrayaan 3 will take around 42-45 days to reach the moon. According to the official announcement, the expected landing date of Chandrayaan 3 on the moon’s surface is 23 or 24 August 2023. After the news of ISRO’s Chandrayaan mission, people want to know the expected time taken by Chandrayaan-3 to reach the moon.

Chandrayan 3 will have to cover a distance of roughly 384,400 KMs, the average distance between the Earth and the moon. This means that the spacecraft will be covering over 9,000 KMs of distance every day. However, the exact distance it covers will depend on the path chosen by the spacecraft.

Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) launched the Chandrayaan-3 from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota at 2.35 PM IST on Friday, on 14 July 2023. 

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Quick Facts About Chandrayaan 3

  • Chandrayaan-3 is also known as the LVM3-M4 mission.
  • The estimated budget for the mission is Rs. 615 crore.
  • It is equipped with a lander, rover and propulsion module which will facilitate soft landing on the moon.

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When Will Chandrayaan 3 Land on Moon?

Chandrayaan-3 is expected to land on 23-24 August 2023. ISRO stated that, after the spacecraft reaches a particular location the lander (Vikram) will initiate its soft landing on the south-pole region of the moon. It is followed by the rover (Pragyan) coming out of the lander to facilitate a smooth landing.

When was Chandrayaan 3 Launched?

Chandrayaan 3 was launched on 14 July 2023 at 2.36 pm. The chosen launch date of this mission is very similar to the Chandrayaan-2 launch date (22 July 2019). There is a very specific reason behind this. ISRO chooses to launch the Chandrayaan missions in the mid of July as the Earth and the Moon are closest to each other during this period.

Chandrayaan 3
Source: ISRO Twitter Handle

About the Chandrayaan-3 Mission

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) is focusing on working on reaching the moon in less time but they are also focusing on smooth landing and studying the surface of the moon.

Chandrayaan-3 is a follow-up mission of Chandrayaan-2 as the previous mission was not able to generate enough information about space and the moon, so ISRO has launched Chandrayaan-3. 

ISRO scientists are claiming that the Chandrayaan-3 is the lunar mission that would encounter the partial failure of the soft landing of Chandrayaan-2. 

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How many days will Chandrayaan-3 take to reach the moon?

According to ISRO, Chandrayaan-3 will take roughly 42-45 days to reach the surface of the moon. It is expected to reach on 23 August 2023 and will operate at the moon’s surface for about a lunar day which is equivalent to 14 days on Earth.

Is Chandrayaan-3 a manned mission?

Chandrayaan-3 is an unmanned mission with the sole purpose to demonstrate a smooth landing on the moon. The main motive is to stay at the surface of the moon for one lunar day.

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