What is the Full form of IPD?

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The full form of IPD is Inpatient Department. is a section of a hospital or healthcare facility where people are admitted for illnesses that call for the right kind of care. IPD has all the facilities and services required for effective patient care, including beds, medical equipment, and other amenities. 

Meaning of IPD

The meaning of IPD is inpatient department, where patients spend the night or more receiving treatments in accordance with their care plan. For example, inpatients need surgery, specialised surveillance, surgical or infection management, therapy, or a lot of tests.

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Features of IPD in Hospitals?

An IPD is part of a healthcare facility or hospital where patients are admitted for over 24 hours. An IPD normally has medical equipment, beds, and 24×7 availability of doctors and nurses.

What duties of the inpatient department 

Here mentioned below is the duty of the inpatient department

  • Daily patient evaluations to track development and create suggested changes to the management strategy. 
  • Develop a management plan that is best in line with the patient’s wishes by talking with the patient and the patient’s family about the treatment options and, where necessary, end-of-life problems.

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Difference between OPD and IPD

Here are some of the key differences between IPD and OPD (Outpatient Department):

  • Length of stay: Patients in IPD are admitted for at least 24 hours, while patients in OPD are not admitted.
  • Level of care: IPD patients receive a higher level of care than OPD patients, as they are monitored by doctors and nurses 24/7.
  • Cost: IPD treatment is typically more expensive than OPD treatment.
  • Frequency of visits: Patients in IPD typically only need to visit the hospital once, while patients in OPD may need to visit multiple times.

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