What is the Full Form of FIR?

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FIR full form
FIR full form

The FIR full form is the First Information Report. It is a written document that encompasses all relevant information about a cognizable offence. This written complaint includes the FIR file name, description of the criminal offence, name of the victim or the complainant lodging the report on behalf of the victim, time and location of the crime, statements of witness/s (if any), and name and description of the accused if identified by the victim. When a crime involving the victim occurs, an FIR is promptly filed with the police. As the name implies, it is the first piece of information that the authorities learn and it helps them control their next course of action. The on-duty police officer records the first information report at the police station. It might be made on behalf of the victim or by someone who may be found guilty.

Procedure to File an FIR

The procedure for filling a First Information Report is mentioned in Section 154 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC), 1973. Here is the procedure to file an FIR:

  • Visit the nearby police station to lodge the complaint at the earliest. File a written FIR and check the information for its accuracy.
  • The complainant/victim has the right to ask the police personnel to read out the FIR to avoid any misunderstanding.
  • Once the complaint has been written and everyone has understood the crime, the victim/complainant needs to sign the report.
  • Victims who cannot write or read are required to give their thumb impression (left thumb) on the written complaint. 
  • Always demand a copy of the FIR if the concerned police personnel has not provided a copy. It is the right of the victim to receive an FIR copy without any cost. 

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When Can I Lodge an FIR?

Anyone has the right to file an FIR for a cognizable offence. Any person can lodge an FIR if:

  • She/they/he is a victim i.e.; a crime has been committed with her/them/him
  • She/they/he is a witness to a crime and feels the need to report it. 
  • She/they/he is an acquaintance of a victim and is filing an FIR on her/their/his behalf. 
  • She/they/he is a police officer who has witnessed a crime.

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Content of an FIR

  • The filename of an FIR
  • Name of the complainant or the name of the victim
  • Explanation of the offense
  • time and location of the crime
  • (If any) Witness Statements
  • If the perpetrator is known, give their name and a brief description of them.

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Reports that Cannot be Counted as an FIR

According to Section 154 of CrPC FIR is not counted in the following circumstances:

  • When FIR is lodged after the investigation has begun in a case.
  • When a police officer or the magistrate informs about a crime on the mobile phone.
  • When a written FIR is not lodged by the victim instantly and all the witnesses have been questioned prior to the report. 

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