What is the Full Form of SPO?

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SPO full form

SPO full form: SPO is an abbreviation for Special Police Officer. Despite the renowned title, the duties of this position are not easy. It is not uncommon for a SPO to be expected to work for police twelve hours per week during normal working hours.

Furthermore, they will be asked to maintain high levels of awareness while doing normal jobs, when officers are required to remain cautious. 

Duties of an SPO

The duties of an SPO are given below:

  • Patrolling in the evening.
  • Conducting night patrols.
  • Inspecting movie theatres for eve-teasers, black marketeers, and so on.
  • Searching arrack stores for anti-social aspects.
  • Examining barricades/checkpoints.
  • Handling traffic duties.
  • Making traffic announcements at congested intersections.
  • Convincing store owners to eliminate encroachments in crowded market areas.
  • Going to crime scenes to assist.
  • Visiting accident scenes to offer help
  • Performing Law and Order tasks during major events, festivals, and so on.
  • Organising resident/housewife meetings for Crime prevention education.
  • Performing background checks on domestic and other types of servants.
  • Verifying visitors to the area, such as cobblers, vendors, and so on.
  • Meetings of peace committees in troubled locations.
  • Organising a meeting of residents for a traffic education cell briefing.
  • The Crime (Women) Cell organises women’s briefing briefings.
  • Fostering social harmony in their community.
  • Contributing to the strengthening of police-community relations.
  • Making proposals for improving police operations and image.

Criteria for Selection

Members of the public will be appointed as Special Police Officers only if they fulfil the following criteria:

  1. He or she should be a respected member of the community and capable of working closely with the police.
  2. He/she should be willing to provide public service as requested by the Police Department from time to time.
  3. He/she should volunteer to assist the police whenever possible.
  4. He/she should not be actively involved in politics. 
  5. He/she should not be someone who would abuse his/her position as a Special Police Officer.

Other Full Form of SPO

Here are some other popular full forms of SPO:

SPOSub Post OfficeDepartments & Agencies
SPOSURPURAIndian Railway Station
SPOSpecial Police OfficerPolice
SPOSubject, Predicate, ObjectLanguage & Linguistics
SPOSecondary Public OfferingFinance
SPOSpare Parts OrderSpace Science
SPOSenior Protection OfficerJob Titles

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