What is the Full Form of TOI?

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TOI full form

The full form of TOI is the Times of India which is an Indian English-language media taken care of by the Times Group. This is the largest-selling English newspaper and the second-largest newspaper in India by circulation. It was founded in 1838 in the erstwhile Bombay (Now Mumbai). When it was initiated, the anime of this media was The Bombay Times and Journal of Commerce, and its purpose was to serve the Britishers of Western India. Every household, once in a lifetime, must have received this newspaper that clearly signifies the importance of TOI. 

Times of India 

The TOI gets even bigger and adds another 1.4 lakh readers over the Hindustan Times in Delhi. More than 13.5 million readers wake up to one of the TOIs 13 editions every morning. 

NameThe Times of India
Founding1838 (as The Bombay Times and Journal of Commerce)
FrequencyInitially twice weekly, became daily in 1851
Name changeChanged to The Times of India in 1861
CoverageInitially serving British residents of western India, evolved to cover national and international news
Post-independenceMaintained accuracy, avoided sensationalism, serious tone, became known as an intellectual newspaper
CirculationNational circulation
Editorial styleThorough coverage of international news, a broad range of subject matter, attractive makeup, readable style

Other Full Forms of TOI

  • TOI in Banking- Total Operating Income.
  • TOI in Chat- Transfer of Information
  • TOI in Computer– A computer language
  • TOI in Engineering– Tight Optical Integration
  • TOI in Medical- Transtracheal O2 insufflation


Who is the owner of TOI?

The owners of TOI are Bennett Coleman and Company Limited with 55.6% of the companies share on their side.

Who is the owner of the Times Now channel?

Times Group owns Times Now Navbharat and is also the most-watched Hindi channel throughout the nation.

Which is the oldest daily in India?

Bengal Gazette is the first English newspaper in India which was known as Hicky’s Bengal Gazette.


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