What is the Full Form of PSI?

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PSI Full Form

The full form of PSI is Police Sub Inspector. It is commonly known as SI. The lowest-ranking police officer that is permitted to file a charge sheet in court is a police sub-inspector. The Indian Police Force uses this rank. The British established this police rank in India and other South Asian countries. They might be expected to do everything from maintaining the law to addressing border security issues as part of their job. They stand above a subordinate assistant inspector and beneath an inspector.

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Roles and Responsibilities of PSI

The official in command of the police station, a police sub-inspector, performs a variety of duties:  

  • Effective leadership, operation, and management of the station and its staff
  • Keeping track of the police station’s registrations and paperwork
  • Safeguarding, providing protection, and preventing crime
  • Maintaining watch over known troublemakers and sensitive places
  • Setting up regular patrols inside the area of jurisdiction
  • Enhancing local public relations and spreading goodwill
  • Reviewing cases and gathering data
  • Keeping public safety, detaining offenders and suspects
  • Searching for houses and other properties
  • Updating senior officials on open cases and investigations
  • Border areas are being protected and illegal immigration is being stopped

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Prerequisite for Becoming PSI

  • A bachelor’s degree with 50% in any stream from an accredited university.
  • Each state has a different minimum age limit for this. The majority of the time, it is between 18 and 28 years old, while there are other categories where age restrictions do not apply
  • Candidates are required to register for an examination.
  • The next step is a written examination and if the candidate clears this stage then comes the physical examination named as Physical Standards Test (PST). 
  • Minimum Height for Male candidate: 170 cm and Chest Measurement: 80cm-85 cm
  • Minimum Height for Female candidate: 157 cm

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