What is the Full Form of DCL?

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dcl full form

The full form of DCL is Data Control Language in SQL or Structured Query Language. As the name suggests, DCL commands are used to control certain privileges such as the right to access data in the database. Moreover, they help in creating tables, modifying data, and other similar database operations. Read this blog to find out more details about the full form of DCL.

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Commands in DCL

There are two prominent commands in DCL which are Grant and Revoke. 

Grant: The Grant DCL command is used to grant consent to the user to execute a particular operation. Users can also make use of the GRANT command to add new permissions to a database. The syntax for this command is as follows:

GRANT privilege_list

ON Object_name

TO user_name;

Revoke: As the name suggests, the Revoke command is used to remove database access from a user. The syntax for this command is:

REVOKE privilege_list

ON object_name

FROM user_name;

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Advantages of DCL

Here are a few key advantages of DCL

  • DCL commands offer a secure environment for data access and offer enhanced data protection. 
  • Its robust security features prevent unauthorized users from accessing the database.
  • DCL commands like Revoke and Grant help users restrict and protect their database from potential harm or misuse. 
  • By offering more flexibility, DCL ensures that administrators can effectively manage the entire database system with ease. 

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