What is the Full Form of APM?

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APM full form

APM Full Form: The full form of APM is Application performance monitoring. APM for modern, cloud-native environments extends observability beyond system availability and service performance and response times. Automatic and intelligent observability helps organizations improve user experiences at the scale of modern computing.

What is APM?

The practice of tracking critical software application performance parameters using monitoring tools and telemetry data is known as application performance monitoring (APM). APM is used by practitioners to assure system availability, optimise service performance and response times, and enhance user experiences.

Monitoring is commonly used for mobile apps, the internet, and commercial applications. Monitoring use cases, however, have expanded to include the services, processes, hosts, logs, networks, and end-users who access these applications — including a company’s customers and workers — in today’s increasingly linked digital world.

Features of APM

The Gartner Magic Quadrant for Application Performance Monitoring, a key industry publication on APM, defines the core features of APM as they have grown. These features set the standard for modern APM solutions.

  • Automatic application and infrastructure component detection and mapping to maintain real-time awareness in dynamic contexts
  • End-to-end observability of an application’s entire HTTP/S transactional behaviour in order to comprehend the impact on business outcomes and user experience.
  • Monitoring mobile and desktop applications on mobile and desktop browsers in order to track user experience across platforms
  • Analysis of the root cause and impact of application performance issues and business consequences for faster, more reliable incident resolution
  • To keep up with a developing and evolving infrastructure, integration and automation with service management tools and third-party sources are required.
  • KPIs for business and user journey analysis (for example, log in to check out) to improve user experiences and provide transparency into how changes affect KPIs
  • Endpoint monitoring is used to determine how mobile applications affect endpoint devices and to discover problems with those endpoints.
  • Monitoring virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) to maximise staff productivity while using VDI

Benefits and Challenges of APM

In general, APM is used to proactively monitor the behaviours and performance of an application and its environment in order to discover and rectify issues before they have a significant impact on the application. It is a wide aim with multiple tradeoffs for the organisation. APM has three primary advantages:

  • Improved teamwork: Metrics and collected data can drive cooperation and collaboration beyond traditional organisational silos, resulting in a leaner and more responsive corporation.
  • Better customer service: When apps and services are available and working well, it helps to strengthen the organization’s reputation and brand.
  • Saving money: APM can assist in reducing the costs of downtime and poor user experience.

However, APM can create expectations on stakeholders and present the following business challenges:

  • Using the incorrect measurements: APM is not automatic; it is up to the organisation to select and monitor the most important metrics for the application being monitored or to establish new metrics.
  • Not utilising the metrics gathered: Metrics are useless unless they are used to monitor application behaviour and performance. Collect the data that is required and put it to use.
  • Inadequate technological knowledge: Because modern applications can be complicated entities with several dependencies, APM should be deployed and managed by personnel who are familiar with the application, environment, and APM technology.
  • Uncertain stakeholders or objectives: The goals are driven by stakeholders. Understand which application parameters should be measured and why they are significant. Monitoring for the sake of monitoring has no value to the business or the user.

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