What is the Full Form of CBT? 

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cbt full form

The full form of CBT is Computer Based Test. The term “computer-based test,” or “CBT test,” refers to the use of computers to administer exams instead of paper and pencil. The internet or a computer-aided facility can be used to administer such a test online. Typically, organisations conduct this test or examination to assess or evaluate a candidate’s performance, competence, or capability. The CBT online test streamlines the evaluation process for teachers by incorporating elements like multiple-choice questions, descriptive replies, analytics-based questionnaires, etc. Based on the test mapping & results, the instructor can be confident in the student’s level of knowledge.

It is beneficial to educational institutions because it has extra features like section-specific feedback and auto-grading.

Advantages of CBT 

Computer Based Test or CBT has many advantages, some of which are mentioned below: 

  • The computer-based test allows an organisation or educational institution to conduct an exam on a large scale. 
  • It gives the flexibility to the examiner to adjust the difficulty level according to the group of students. 
  • CBT allows a well-organised and smooth process of the examination as it eradicates the hassle of collecting and storing answer sheets. 
  • It even helps students with special needs as they are able to take advantage of features like text-to-voice applications, braille keyboard, magnification, etc. 

Features of CBT 

Mentioned below are some of the features of computer-based tests: 

  • Provides role-based access to teachers, admin and students
  • Easy report generation 
  • AI-based analysis 
  • Offers proctoring solutions to avoid cheating 
  • High assessment accuracy
  • Allows the user to access the system through mobile/laptop. 

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