What is the Central Administrative Tribunal? 

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What is Central Administrative Tribunal

The Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT) was established in 1985. It is a quasi-judicial body that was originally set up under the Central Administrative Tribunal Act. Moreover, all the grievances of employees of the State and Central government of India are resolved by this tribunal. Furthermore, the news lately stated that the Central Administrative Tribunal conducted a special drive. Additionally, they did this throughout 19 benches of tribunals in the nation to clear the vulnerable section of applicants, the senior citizens or pensioners. Read on to learn more in detail about the Central Administrative Tribunal and how many of them are there in India. 

Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT)
LegislationAdministrative Tribunals Act, 1985
PurposeAdjudication of matters related to recruitment and conditions of service of personnel in public service in India.
JurisdictionMatters connected with the recruitment and conditions of service of persons appointed to public services and posts in connection with the affairs of the Union or any State, or of any local or other authority within the territory of India.
FunctionsRecruitment disputes
Appointment issues
Promotion matters
Conditions of service
Disciplinary actions
ScopeUnion government employees
State government employees
Local or other authority employees in India
AppealsAppeals from CAT decisions lie with the High Court and the Supreme Court of India.
LocationVarious benches across India. 

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How Many Central Administrative Tribunals in India?

Furthermore, there are 19 benches and 19 circuit benches of CAT throughout the nation. 

  • Moreover, the administrative bodies and judicial members of these bodies, by their experience and knowledge, provide effective and speedy justice. 
  • In accordance with section 14(2) of the Administrative Tribunals Act, 1985, the Indian government has periodically notified 215 organizations, including Central Government Ministries and Departments, hence placing them under the purview of the CAT.
  • Additionally, the Government of the National Capital Territory of Delhi is represented in issues before the CAT, Principal Bench.

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This is everything about the Central Administrative Tribunal and how many of them are there in India. For more content related to the different states of India, visit our Civics and Polity archives. 

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