What is the Full Form of SDM?

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SDM Full Form

The full form of SDM is Sub-Divisional Magistrate. By dividing districts, subdivisions are created. Based on a country’s political system, the SDM, an administrative officer frequently below the district level, is in charge of the subdivision. An SDM uses the collector’s and the executive magistrate’s authority. An SDM could be a junior member of the Indian Administrative Service or a senior officer of the State Civil Services with the necessary experience working in subordinate positions.

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Functions of SDM

The following are the functions of SDM:

  • The SDM carries out a number of magisterial duties and other smaller activities in accordance with the 1973 Criminal Procedure Code. It is typically a PCS ranking officer.
  • The SDM, who has been given permission by the Collector Magistrate and Tax Inspector, will be in charge of all tehsils or subdivisions.
  • The Tahsildars in his subdivision are under the sole control of SDM, who is the District Officer’s main point of contact with them.
  • Keeps a close look at the developmental policies and welfare policies and monitors their outcomes.
  • Listens to the grievances and complaints of the local public of the district and takes necessary actions against the same.
  • The SDM has to supervise the revenue management and activities of all the subdivisions within the district.

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Roles and Responsibilities of SDM

  • Registration for vehicles
  • Electoral-related work
  • Marriage licences
  • The Role of Revenue
  • Licence for arms renewal and issuance
  • Issuing and renewing driving licences
  • Certificates for OBC, SC/ST, and domicile are issued.

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