What is the Full Form of ARPANET?

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The full form of ARPANET is Advanced Research Projects Agency NET. it is among the first few networks created using a distributed form of control. Moreover, ARPANET is also considered to be among the first few networks to implement the TC/IP protocols. Interesting, right? To make things even simpler, the creation of ARPANET runs parallel to the beginning of the internet and an indomitable era. 

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History of ARPANET

  • ARPANET was launched in the year 1969 by the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) of the US Department of Defense.
  •  It was financed by the US administration during the Cold War.
  • The primary aim was to facilitate the sharing of information using several computers. 
  • In 1980, ARPANET was finally transferred to a bunch of military networks, the Defense Data Network.  

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Characteristics of ARPANET

  • ARPANET is a type of WAN
  • Its software is split into two parts namely a host and a subnet
  • It uses the concept of Packet Switching Network
  • Additionally, ARPANET also uses IMPs or Interface Message Processors for sub-netting

Advantages of ARPANET

The advantages of ARPANET include:

  • It was specifically designed to survive and work efficiently even during a Nuclear Attack.
  • ARPANET was widely used to foster effective collaboration through e-mails.
  • It also facilitated the hassle-free transfer of files.

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Limitations of ARPANET

Despite a few advantages, ARPNET also has its set of limitations such as:

  • It was unable to compete with the rapid improvements in technology. 
  • Since it required multiple LANs to work efficiently, the overall management became difficult. 
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