What is the Full Form of DOD? 

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dod full form

The full form of DOD is Department of Defense which comes under the Ministry of Defence. It is headed by the Defence Secretary who is assisted by the Director General, Joint Secretaries, and Additional Secretaries. Moreover, it is responsible for the Defence Budget, Parliamentary matters, defence lands and cantonments, and defence cooperation with foreign governments. Read on further to know more about the DOD full form. 

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What are the Wings Under the Department of Defence?

Here are the different wings that come under the Department of Defence:

  • Acquisition
  • Ceremonies, Training, BRO
  • Establishment
  • Planning, Coordination & CAO
  • Armed Forces
  • Land, Works, and Vigilance 
  • International Cooperation

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Other Departments Under the Ministry of Defence

There are five departments that come under the Ministry of Defence. Here is an overview of them:

1. Department of Defence (DOD)

As mentioned above, the Department of Defence is headed by the Defence Secretary. It is responsible for everything from defence policies to the Defence Budget.

2. Department of Military Affairs (DMA)

The Department of Military Affairs (DMA) is headed by the Chief of Defence Staff (CDS). He is appointed as the Secretary and facilitates optimum utilization of resources. 

3. Department of Defence Production (DDP)

The Department of Defence Production is headed by a Secretary. It solely deals with matters related to the Defence Public Sector Undertakings (DPSUs), defence production, indigenisation of imported stores, etc. 

4. Department of Defence Research and Development (DDR&D)

This department is headed by a Secretary. It conducts research and looks after the development of defence technology, equipment, and systems. 

5. Department of Ex-Servicemen Welfare (DESW)

It is headed by a Secretary and looks after crucial matters of Ex-Servicemen such as resettlement and pension.

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