What is the Full Form of SSL?

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The full form of SSL is Secure Socket Layer. Secure Socket Layer is a kind of security technology that provides people with the ability to secure confidential information/data following the process of encryption. The term ‘sockets’ indicates the socket method of exchanging information that tasks place between a client and a server program. For this data protection to work, a secure connection with the browser and the server has to be created. Moreover, an SSL-certified website shows a padlock icon before the URL, indicating that the website is safe and secure to conduct transactions.

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Types of SSL Certificates

There are six different types of SSL certificates including:

  • Unified Communications Certificate (UCC)
  • Extended Validation Certificates (EV SSL)
  • Wildcard SSL Certificates
  • Organization Validated certificates (OV SSL)
  • Domain Validated Certificates (DV SSL)
  • Multi-Domain SSL Certificates (MDC)

Features of SSL

Following are some of the features of Secure Socket Layer that you might want to know about:

  • Secure Socket Layer gives protection of network connection using symmetric-key cryptography.
  • Secure Socket Layer identifies entities through digital certificates. 
  • It also continuously makes sure that the communications are credible
  • The fragmented data is compressed through the means of lossless methods of compression.
  • This security technology is supported by almost all web browsers
  • It has mainly been designed for online e-commerce.

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Advantages of SSL

Some advantages of SSL are:

  • It provides data security to network connections by means of encryption. Hence the data is secure even if a third party receives the data or the data is at the risk of getting lost. 
  • It provides authenticity as SSL identifies entities through digital certificates
  • SSL does not need any specific software to work on, it can work on almost all browsers.

Disadvantages of SSL

Some disadvantages of SSL are:

  • The data transaction speed slows down when SSL tries to provide authentication through the means of identifying entities through digital certificates.
  • The SSL certificate has to be renewed at equal intervals.

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