What is the Full Form of ARO?

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full form of ARO

The full form of ARO is Assistant Review Officer. The duty of an ARO is to monitor the actions taking place throughout the Election Commission process. Moreover, an ARO ensures the count of votes and determines the voting. The power of an assistant review officer is so significant that he disproves the Election Commission.

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Furthermore, for the position of ARO, a candidate must have completed their undergraduate degree, or be a graduate. In addition, candidates for the position of ARO must also possess a computer-level O certificate and proficiency in typing.

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What is the UPPSC ARO Exam?

Every year, the Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission conducts an examination for an ARO to fill up the positions that are open. The examination entails:

  • The examination is conducted in 3 phases, namely, the Preliminary for 3 hours, the Mains has three papers- the first paper is for 2 hours and the other two papers are for 3 hours each, and lastly, a typing test.
  • The application process is done online.
  • The application fee for the exam for the general category is Rs. 125.
  • Moreover, the age limit for the examination is 21 to 40 years.

Other Full Forms of ARO

The full form of ARO varies depending on the context and may differ from industry to industry. Below mentioned are some of the full forms of ARO. 

  • Army Recruiting Office: One ARO full form in the army, is the Army Recruiting Office. The task of the military office is to find people to enlist in the army. Army Recruiting Officers generally assist with the application process, give information on military jobs, and aid prospective recruits in getting ready for life in the army.   
  • Acceptance Review Officer: ARO is another name for acceptance review officer, a job in charge of scrutinizing and approving procurement procedures. A procurement proposal may be examined by an acceptance review officer to make sure it complies with the relevant criteria, including financial limitations as well as quality standards.

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