What is the Full Form of PO?

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po full form

The PO full form is Probationary Officer. It is an entry-level position offered to new members by Indian banks. The job is known as Probationary Officer, and freshly appointed freshers in this role serve for a certain period of probation. During the probation phase, the trainee must complete the task assigned by the seniors and work in various areas of the bank department, such as cheque processing, account opening, foreign exchange, credit rating, loans, treasury, and so on.

Eligibility Criteria for PO

The eligibility criteria to become a PO are as follows:

  • A candidate for a Bank PO must have graduated from a recognised board.
  • There is an age restriction for individuals applying for this entrance exam, as well as certain caste-based age relaxation.
  • For example, OBC applicants are exempt for three years, while SC / ST students are exempt for five years.

Roles and Responsibilities of a PO

  • A bank PO’s main responsibilities include handling public relations, client complaints, and resolving difficulties to promote customer satisfaction.
  • They will also be in charge of supervising the branch’s clerical staff.
  • Mortgages, loans and advances, foreign exchange, and other financial problems will also be managed by a Bank Probationary Officer.
  • They have the authority to handle loan papers in particular cases.

The duties of a bank PO can be divided into three categories:

  • Banking in general: This encompasses all of a bank’s primary functions, such as issuing draughts and checks, processing loans, keeping current and savings accounts, and so on.
  • Monitoring responsibilities: This entails allocating duties to employees and ensuring that all work is completed in compliance with bank policies and procedures.
  • Miscellaneous: A Bank Probationary Officer may be assigned other modest banking responsibilities under this category, and a P.O. should be conversant with all of them before being promoted to the next level.

Another PO Full Form

Another full form of PO is Post Office. The post office is part of the national postal service system. It provides customer service facilities such as mail-related services, such as letter packages, and so on. It also sells postal stamps for postal, packaging, and stationery. Several post offices offer extra services such as the distribution and receipt of government forms, the delivery of government services, taxes, and financial services. A postmaster is the post office’s chief administrator.

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