What is WLAN Full Form?

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What is WLAN Full Form?

The WLAN full form is wireless LAN (Local Area Network). WLAN uses radio communication to provide mobility to network users and maintains connectivity to the wired network. It essentially extends a wired local area network. They are built by attaching AP (Access point-device) to the edge of a wired network. Customers communicate with the AP using a wireless network adapter that is similar to the functions of an ethernet adapter. It is also known as LAWN/Local Area Wireless Network.

Compared to other devices WLAN works better. The WLAN coverage is usually within a building, campus, or that tech park. WLAN standards are HiperLAN, WiFi, and IEEE. Moreover, it offers service to the desktop, mobile, and other devices that work with the internet.

History of WLAN

Wireless computer communication network was discovered by Norman Abramson, a professor at University of Hawaii. In 1979, Gfeller, and u Bapst published a paper reporting an experimental Wireless LAN using diffused communications. Hence, the 1st workshop of Wireless LAN was held in 1991.

Characteristics of WLAN

WLAN full form is wireless LAN. It transmits data over radio signals. The data here is sent in the form of a packet. Each packet contains layers, labels, and instructions with distinct MAC addresses that are assigned to endpoints. Due to this, routing can be done on correct locations. Some of the features of WLAN includes:

  • Low power for battery use
  • Robust transmission technology
  • Seamless operation
  • Simple management, easy to use for everyone
  • Protection of investment in wired networks

Advantages and disadvantages of WLAN

WLAN has several advantages and disadvantages. Some of them are listed below:

Advantages Disadvantages 
Installation flexibilitySlower bandwidth
Installation speed and simplicityLess capacity
Reduced cost of ownershipSecurity for wireless LANs is the prime concern
RobustnessWireless networks cost 4 times more than wired network cards
Reliability and mobilityWireless devices emit low levels of RF which can be harmful to our health

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