What is the full form of DST?

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DST Full Form is Department of Science and Technology. It is a crucial government agency in India, established in May 1971. Its primary mission is to drive the development and promotion of science and technology within the country. This blog explores the multifaceted role of the DST in shaping India’s scientific landscape and fostering innovation, education, and economic growth.

Objectives of DST

The objectives of DST are stated below: 

  • Promote Research and Development: DST funds diverse scientific research projects, spanning basic to applied sciences.
  • Foster Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Initiatives support innovators and entrepreneurs in translating ideas into viable businesses.
  • Knowledge-Based Economy: Focus on projects that generate employment and stimulate economic growth.
  • Policy Formulation: Play a pivotal role in developing and implementing science and technology policies.
  • Education and Awareness: Promote science and technology education and public awareness.

Key Functions

The most important functions of DST include: 

  • Research Support: Funds research projects, leading to advancements in various scientific fields.
  • Innovation Promotion: Supports innovation and entrepreneurship to create jobs and drive economic growth.
  • Policy Development: Shapes effective science and technology policies for India.
  • Education Initiatives: Promotes science and technology education and awareness.
  • Collaboration: Coordinates with government agencies, academic institutions, and industry partners.


Achievements of DST are stated below:

  • Extensive Research Support: DST has funded numerous research projects, advancing scientific knowledge.
  • Innovation Promotion: Initiatives have successfully transformed ideas into profitable businesses, boosting the economy.
  • Effective Policies: DST has played a pivotal role in shaping India’s science and technology policies.
  • Education Promotion: DST’s efforts have raised public awareness about the significance of science and technology.
  • Knowledge-Based Economy: The DST has contributed to the growth of a knowledge-based economy.

The Department of Science and Technology (DST) has been instrumental in propelling India’s scientific and technological progress. Through research support, innovation promotion, and policy development, DST continues to shape the nation’s future as a knowledge-driven economy while raising public awareness about the pivotal role of science and technology.

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