List of Universities in Aberdeen

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List of Universities in Aberdeen

Aberdeen is Scotland‘s third-largest city, after Glasgow and Edinburgh. Despite being colder than the rest of the United Kingdom, Aberdeen is one of Scotland’s warmest towns and has been named one of the country’s joyous and most livable cities. Aberdeen is well-known for its high-quality literary events and comedy shows. In this blog, we have discussed the list of top universities in Aberdeen.

Why Study in Aberdeen?

Universities in Aberdeen attract international students for a variety of reasons, including the provision of high-quality education. Other reasons to study in Aberdeen include:

  • Internationally Recognized Universities

All universities and colleges have international recognition and offer high-quality educational opportunities and study facilities. The vast majority of colleges and universities are ranked by QS.

  • Affordable Tuition

Most Aberdeen schools and universities for international students, particularly public ones, charge lower tuition than private and rural institutions. Furthermore, several universities provide grants and scholarships to help with tuition costs. The annual cost of studying in Aberdeen is approximately GBP- 72,000 (INR 69.33 Lakh).

  • Better Job Prospects

Aberdeen University’s education is exceptional and meets international standards. Technological progress variables are also used to raise the level of scientific inquiry and knowledge. Aberdeen education is known for being straightforward and adaptable, allowing students to study without feeling rushed.

  • City Life Experience

Aberdeen offers the ideal location for combining exciting city life with exploring miles of local countryside and coasts. It is large enough to provide a “big city” study experience and plenty to do, but not so large that it becomes overwhelming. Despite its northeastern location, Aberdeen has several air and rail connections to other cities in the United Kingdom.

  • Excellent Career Opportunities

There are numerous job opportunities for graduates and students in Aberdeen. Aberdeen is the best place in the UK to start a business because of its deep roots in industries such as fishing, textiles, and shipbuilding. The city’s thriving economy has been lauded. Universities near Aberdeen provide excellent opportunities for a successful career.

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Top Universities in Aberdeen

The following is the list of Aberdeen’s universities:

Robert Gordon University

Robert Gordon University, which began as a hospital in the mid-18th century, was granted full university status in 1992. In just 30 years, the university has established itself as a leader in a variety of fields of study, and it now offers degree programmes in 11 faculty divisions. The main campus of the university is in the Aberdeen neighbourhood of Garthdee, which is located in the city’s southwest.

The campus covers 57 acres, though a small portion of this is currently landscaped parkland that is either undeveloped or under construction. In addition, the university owns 20 acres of land to the west (mostly woodland) and 54 acres on the opposite bank of the River Dee at Waterside Farm.

University TypePublic Research
QS Ranking 2022NA
Programs OfferedUndergraduate, Master, and PhD
IntakeFall and Spring
Programs Fee (Annual)Bachelor- GBP- 9,500 (INR 91.27 Lakh) Masters- GBP 5,500 (INR 52.47 Lakh) PhD- GBP 2,700 (INR 26,00,27.41)
Admission RequirementGPA– 3.5IELTS– 6.5TOEFL-90-100

TUA- The University of Aberdeen

The University of Aberdeen is the highest-ranked university in the top 20. The University of Aberdeen, the fifth-oldest university in the United Kingdom, combines a rich history with cutting-edge teaching and learning resources. They have a global campus in Doha, Qatar, where they provide an excellent education comparable to that provided in Aberdeen.

The University of Aberdeen offers excellent educational opportunities on a beautiful campus. At the main campus, historic structures coexist with modern, recently renovated laboratories, first-rate computing facilities, and cutting-edge library equipment. Social and athletic facilities are of the highest calibre, with over 150 sports clubs and organisations available for students to join. Undergraduates can choose from roughly 370 first-degree programmes in addition to more than 120 master’s degrees and supervised research in any of the university’s branches.

University TypePublic Research
QS Ranking 2022220
Programs OfferedUndergraduate and Masters
IntakeFall and Spring
Programs FeeBachelor- GBP- 72,000 (INR 69.33 Lakh) for four years Masters- GBP 37,000 (INR 35.62 Lakh)
Admission RequirementGPA- 3.5 IELTS- 6.5 TOEFL-90-100

North East Scotland College

North East Scotland College, one of Aberdeen’s top colleges, attracts students from all walks of life. Whether you’re fresh out of high school, working, thinking about returning to school, or simply want to try something new, the college has a course for you.

There is a wide range of course levels available in a variety of subject areas, both on-campus and online. Although enrolling in college is a big step, the college has a number of professional teams ready to help you every step of the way.

University TypePublic Research
QS Ranking 2022NA
Programs OfferedFull-time, Part-time, and distance learning
Programs Fee (Annual)N/A
Admission RequirementN/A

The University of Highlands and Islands

The University of the Highlands and Islands is made up of 12 member colleges and research institutions in Scotland’s highlands and islands. The university’s main campus is in Inverness, about two and a half hours north of Aberdeen.

The university has 7,200 students enrolled, with approximately 800 international students. International students can study at The University of the Highlands and Islands and receive an affordable yet high-quality education while living in the picturesque Scottish countryside in places like the Isle of Skye, Fort William, Shetland, Orkney, and the Outer Hebrides.

University TypePublic Research
QS Ranking 2022NA
Programs OfferedFull-time, Part-time, and distance learning
Programs Fee (Annual)N/A
Admission RequirementN/A

Cost of Studying in Aberdeen

Tuition fees for graduate and postgraduate tuition fees vary depending on the programme and courses chosen. The estimated tuition fees are given below:

Courses Estimated Tuition FeesLiving Expenses
UG21,232 and 25,478 GBP (INR 20.77 Lakh and 24.29 Lakh)1,146 GBP and 1,316 GBP per month. (1.38 Lakh and 1.98 Lakh)
PG16,985 and 29,724 GBP(INR 16.66 Lakh and 28.81 Lakh1,146 GBP and 1,316 GBP per month. (1.38 Lakh and 1.98 Lakh)

In terms of living expenses, Robert Gordon University estimates that international students at top-tier Aberdeen universities should budget between 1,146 GBP (INR 1.38 Lakh) and 1,316 GBP (INR 1.98 Lakh) per month. This figure includes 594-721 GBP (INR 56.99K – 68.40K) for shared housing, 212-254 GBP (INR 20.20K – 24.81K) for food, 152-170 GBP (INR 14.05K – 16.59K) for utilities, and another 212 GBP (INR 20.20K) for entertainment and miscellaneous expenses.

International students can work up to 20 hours per week during the semester and full-time during academic breaks under current UK student visa rules. Many international students find internships and part-time jobs in Aberdeen to help pay for their lifestyle and tuition expenses.


Is Aberdeen a good student city?

Aberdeen, also known as the Granite City, is located in the northeastern reaches of Scotland and is an excellent place to live as a student.

What is Aberdeen best known for?

Aberdeen has long been known for its strong ties to the North Sea. The third largest city in Scotland, with notable fishing and shipping industries as well as a vibrant cultural scene, is a multi-faceted place that offers its visitors a diverse range of things to see and do.

Is Aberdeen affordable for students?

According to new research, Aberdeen is the third-most affordable UK city for students. Aberdeen is a popular student destination thanks to Robert Gordon University and the University of Aberdeen.

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