What To Do After BCA? – Complete Route Map

What to do after BCA ?

If you are someone who is not sure about what to do after BCA, you are in the right place! This comprehensive guide will help you gain clarity about the various career choices available after BCA.  

“You are an analogue human, in the digital world.”

Now that every living being and materialistic object is speeding towards digitalisation, it is imperative that your education does too. BCA (Bachelors of Computer Application) happens to be one such degree that is helpful and extremely rewarding in this digital age. It gives a good learning experience in various coding methods and programming languages. Now that software systems are advancing towards Artificial Intelligence, it is an advantage to have a degree in Bachelors of Computer Application. However, the path from this point is a little tricky as, after your BCA comes the question, what to do after BCA?

Is Getting into a Job a Good Idea Immediately After Completing BCA?

While most people fancy having a job right after their BCA, it is advisable to consider all the possibilities before taking the final stride. At this point, the one question you should ask yourself is, what are my options after BCA? 

Although a job in public or private sector as a system engineer or a programmer or a web developer or a software developer might seem like an enthusiastic and worthwhile career option, it is not so. Companies that pay well and are a reputable name in their respective fields, require candidates with more qualifications or ample work experience. This is to suffice that, the immediate job that you will be handed, may not have good money or may not have the required growth needed in your professional vocation.

What Courses Can You Pursue After BCA?

Masters in Computer Application

Going for higher education after your BCA is sure to get you high yielding results. Depending on the kind of sector and the type of career you want to pursue, there are various post-graduation degrees to choose from. The most common one would be to pursue a Masters in Computer Application, i.e. MCA. It gives one more detailed knowledge of the subjects studied in the BCA days. The students can select the specialisation of their choice. There are numerous colleges abroad that offer a good MCA prospect, colleges such as Kutztown University in Pennsylvania, Troy University in Alabama, United States, and University of New Haven, located in West Haven, Connecticut, etc.  

Masters in Information Management

A Masters in Information Management (MSIM) is another valuable degree to get, after doing your BCA. In this course, you get to build up software skills as well as learn management skills. With detailed and related courses, having a command over both the fields is attainable. Universities such as the University of California, University of Denver, Syracuse University, etc. offer good course framework for an MSIM. A proper graduation degree with good GRE, TOEFL or IELTS score and good Letters of Recommendation will definitely get you through your dream college after doing your BCA.

Masters in Computer Management

Another gradation that can be explored is a Masters in Computer Management. This course is designed in a way that the student is ready to handle an entire software project, from the planning to the execution and calculation of benefits stage. Universities such as Imperial College, London and King’s College, London offers one a chance to explore this stream and its subject. With almost similar eligibility criteria, this is a course worth delving in after doing your BCA.

Information Security Management

Then comes a post-graduation degree in Information Security Management. This course primarily focuses on learning data protection software. Although the Defence Department is considered the primary customer for this software, with every company’s data and details being digitised, every other company now has an ardent need to incorporate this software. After doing BCA, this course offers a good pay package and potential for immense growth. Universities such as Abertay University, Scotland, Boston University, California State Polytechnic University, etc. offer courses in this area and have parallel eligibility criteria.

 CISCO Certified Network Professional

CISCO Systems, a multinational American Technology conjunction, provides a certificate called, CISCO Certified Network Professional (CCNP). An extremely prestigious and resourceful certificate to get after your BCA, it is sure to give your career a boost.

Masters in Business Administration

Last but not the least, after doing your BCA, or any course for that matter, one can always pursue an MBA. A Masters in Business Administration will groom your management skills, which in turn will make you software as well as a managerial expert. This is not a total deviation, as some may perceive, but a gradual growth process after your BCA. After all, there is a difference between mere change and a full-fledged transformation. Universities such as Harvard, Stanford, MIT Sloan, Yale, etc. are there to polish you for the big corporate world, although you do need high scores, relevant work experience to get through.

We hope by now you have clarity about what to do after BCA. Whatever choice you make, remember to give it your 100%. Here at Leverage Edu, we give you all the help, resources, and guidance needed. We are just a phone call away. Call us now at +91-8826200293.

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